When Life Gets In The Way…

Today, I wanted to take a hot second to talk about the reality of stifled creativity.

Do you regularly feed the monster within? When you don’t, does it rear its ugly head? Or is it patient and graceful?

So many creative types have day jobs, families, obligations, commitments, etc. which keep us from expressing our urges when they strike. For instance, my studio is currently bedroom to two girls.

So what do you do when life gets in the way of your creative expression? Do you become depressed? Do you push through? Do you settle? Are you more apt to seize what little time might be allowed you? Do you throw up your arms in despair? Do you say, “I WILL create anyway!” ignoring the chains that bind?


Honoring our creative voice is difficult in the best of times. We are BRAVE souls, taking leaps of faith, pursuing our calling. Few of us escape challenges along the way.

I, personally, become more stressed and grouchy (to put it mildly) when I refrain from creating on any level, for any reason. I know this truth to be as real as the keyboard on which I’m typing, and yet, I seem surprised each time the pattern exposes my folly. It is the universal mistake I make again and again, the lesson never seeming to stick.

So I ask you, my peers, my creative brethren… What do YOU do when LIFE gets in the way? All comments and contributions are most welcome and encouraged!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

2 thoughts on “When Life Gets In The Way…

  1. Wow! you are my creative twin. I had to give up my sewing/craft room over 8 years ago. Since then it’s a struggle to do all that I did before. My things are in a storage unit a few miles from my home and is only open business hours. Everything has to be planned out now. I do what I can and realize that life is more important than these things, even though I enjoy them. I’d love to have my own space again someday…

    • Welcome to Trash Bubbles and Life’s Little Bits, Wendy! Thank you for the compliment. Glad to see you related. Thanks too, for sharing a bit of your story with us! I look forward to our future exchanges…. 🙂

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