Grow Miracles

The Trash Bubbles Heart the Earth blog post  didn’t really do the Trash Bubble mobile justice. So much detail was missed that I have decided to feature each of the six bubbles from the mobile in a post of its own.

Trash Bubbles Heart the Earth V

Grow Miracles began as an empty blister package from a dollar rubber stamp purchased at Target. It’s rusty orange and grey gave me a jumping off point for my palette.  The orange patterned paper tapes used in this piece were also purchased at Target. (Can you guess the name of my favorite super merchandiser?)

Working with the circular bubble shape, I fitted a milk cap into it and quickly realized it needed more interest. Using circular punches, I cut circles from greeting cards we’d received and layered them together. Much better!

The leafy green of the larger circle gave me the idea to use a piece of a chopped up Miracle Grow bag I found on the ground as a central part of this piece. In it, I also found its title. Grow Miracles!

Grow Miracles

Torn strips from the orange portion of a Puffs tissue box became filler. (The patterned portion of the same box was cut into circles for use in later projects.)

Grow Miracles 2

Once the bubble had been taped shut with the patterned tape and plain paper bandage tape, I added a decorative grommet, in coordinating colors, to the top for hanging.

The Norkotah potato tag was almost an afterthought, but I think it adds something.

Grow Miracles 3

The back is fairly nondescript, ready to be addressed to a friend when the mobile is disassembled in late May after the Art of Recycling Show has concluded its run.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

3 thoughts on “Grow Miracles

  1. Glad you showed the close-up and explained the process for this particular bubble. I love the oranges and sunny yellows used to create this jewel of trash. xox

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