Road Side Basics

Trash Bubbles Heart the Earth IX

The debris of life is abundant on the road sides of America. The Road Side Basics bubble is indicative of the bits I find daily along the edge of the highway near our home. Rubber treads from blown tires, plastic bags, bits of rusted and jagged metal, rusty screws, discarded drink caps…. That our nation’s highways have become a catch-all for our garbage is not new, but it is sad.

Most of what I collect from the road side goes into a big trash bag, but some bits beg for new life. How do I determine which bits to keep and which ones to toss? It’s a serendipitous process. I listen to my inner artist and go with my gut. I look at each piece I pick up with an eye for aesthetics. If an item is unusual, colorful, beautiful or useful, it usually stays.

That is not to say that all my finds get used right away. I have a stash of trashy bits from which I draw throughout the year as I create. The stash is replenished throughout the spring, summer and fall for the obvious reasons.  Could you see me collecting trash along snowy roads?

Road Side Basics Close-up

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

5 thoughts on “Road Side Basics

  1. I don’t stop and pick up things along the road and in parking lots. I find a lot of rusty things on my county road. some of my finds are so cool. I take them home then loose them in my trash collection! @#!^%&#!

  2. Love those rusty bits. I was thinking that bit would make a perfect wing somewhere. Funny that we spend more time looking at the ground for good stuff when we walk. We will all be bent over women with piles of trash…..xox

    • I enjoyed going back and looking at that rusty bit with a wing in mind, Corrine. This vision of a line of women along the road side, stooped over piles of trash will stick with me! 🙂

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