Outbound Mail Art

As previously mentioned, I am behind on my mail art correspondence. In the hopes of making some headway, I created several postcards this past week. For your viewing pleasure, I present the following pieces of outbound mail art….

Ready for the post!

Outbound Mail Art I

Front and center!

Outbound Mail Art II

Three of the postcards pictured are from my Consumer Consciousness series. Considered Trash Po, these pieces are collaged from the labels off consumer goods.

Consumer Consciousness: Fragile Summoner will post to Claire Dinsmore of New Jersey.Fragile Summoner: Claire Dinsmore

Consumer Consciousness: R.O.Y. goes to Mim Scalin of Virginia.R.O.Y.: Mim Scalin

Consumer Consciousness: From the Kitchen: Memories of Breakfast is addressed to Angie Cope of Wisonsin.

Memories of Breakfast: Angie Cope

The following piece is created from a portion of a greeting card. I hope it brightens Jill Eudaly’s day.

Upcycled PJMatilda: Jill Eudaly

And last, but not least, Playing with Scraps: Shades of Spring goes to Jane Smith of California.

Shades of Spring: Jane Smith

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

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