Say Yes! to ICAD 2013!

Do yourself a favor and say YES! to the Index-Card-A-Day 2013 challenge. I did!

Tammy Garcia, over at Daisy Yellow, began this challenge in 2011 as tool to help jump start the creative juices. The premise is simple: Using a stack of 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 index cards, create one card a day beginning June 1st. (If you are reading this and want to participate, but think you’ve missed the boat, don’t worry. You can jump in at ANY time!) Tammy offers all manner of creative prompts to help you along the way. Details can be found here: Be sure to join the facebook group: to share your ICADs with other participating artists. ICADs can also be shared through the flickr group:

Index Cards

My size of choice is 4 x 6, allowing me to use my cards as mail art if I want. I like to work on either plain cards or graph ruled cards. For me, the choice depends on whether I want structure or not. Lined cards rarely appeal to me. I think that’s because I use them for other things like note taking, outlining and organizing ideas.

The ICAD challenge allows for the trial of new mediums and techniques in a size that isn’t intimidating. It encourages creativity while providing structure which is especially helpful to those who may wish to have a creative outlet, but don’t have a great deal of time on their hands. Another thing I like about the challenge is that it’s easily made portable. It takes little effort to stick some cards and pencils, pens, etc. in your bag, leaving you free to create on your lunch break, while commuting, or waiting for an appointment.

This is a no pressure activity designed to get you creating! Let me know if you’ll be participating in the comment section below, so I can be sure to look for your work. If you’re interested in following my progress with the ICAD challenge, I will publish a weekly ICAD blog post on Wednesdays throughout June and July.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

2 thoughts on “Say Yes! to ICAD 2013!

    • Last year, I failed miserably at the challenge. This year, I have decided to make it my goal to stick with it, to post every ICAD and to allow the challenge to feed my creativity in other areas! Sorry you don’t have time to participate this year, you will be missed!

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