Liberate Your Art 2014 Postcard Swap!

Mail art has been a part of my life for quite a while, but although organized postcard swaps have been on my radar, I have yet to participate in them… until now.

This week, I spent some time looking for mail art calls and found the Liberate Your Art 2014 Postcard Swap at Kat Sloma’s website, I was equally impressed with the way it is organized and the diversity of folks who have participated previously. Last year, there were 216 participants. Kat is hoping to get upwards of 250 folks involved this time around.

Most mail artists keep it organic. By this, I mean that the original art IS the mail. Usually, this is what I stick to, though on occasion, I have printed older pieces and mailed the copies. Here is a link to a previous blog post in which I used this technique:

This swap asks that you try printing your work. You can get as professional as you prefer. I like that Kat gives suggestions as to how to do it yourself with simple supplies and also gives links to her favorite printing options, complete with discounts! The possibilities are endless.

Currently, I am considering this piece (created previously) for my printed postcards, but it is a girl’s prerogative to change her mind!


If you are new to the idea of mail art, or if you have been hesitant about putting your work out there, this is a great way to try it without much effort or fear of criticism. If the idea appeals to you in any way, I encourage you to seriously consider participating!

The sign up is easy. Everything is confirmed and details delivered via email. Use this link to sign up

What are you waiting for? You know you want to try it!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

9 thoughts on “Liberate Your Art 2014 Postcard Swap!

    • Hope you can join in, Corrine! Would love to see your smiling face in the list of participants! You always have such amazing work going on! Feel free to pass the info. along! 😀

  1. I’ve just popped over from the Liberate Your Art participants’ list – nice to meet you 🙂
    I must check out Greencraft – I’ve not heard of it before…

    • Hi, Claire! Nice of you to drop by! Greencraft is a publication from the folks at Stampington. I love the elegance with which it presents creative ideas for giving old items new life, thus keeping them from ending up in our landfills. Mail art isn’t usually something they go with, so I was honored to have them publish my article last winter. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Hope to see you around the blogoshere! 😀

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