Dan Landrum’s Digi-Distortions

Recently, I had the honor of crossing paths with a digital designer who enjoys mixing it up. His name is Dan Landrum. You can find him at http://appleeyedesign.com/.

It all began with some scans of mail art I sent out long ago. This piece was sent to Jane Smith in 2012…

Alphabet in the Round No. 2:4 Sent to Jane Smith 2012

Dan played with it and it became this…

riffing_LynnRadford_AlphaRoundIandII_0003 Dan Landrum

He didn’t stop there. Read on to see more before and after photos…

False Faces Front Sent to Val 2012

VinylclocksFalseFacesLynnRadford Dan Landrum

riffing_LynnRadford_FalseFacesFront Dan Landrum


Paper Mache Banana

riffing_LynnRadford_Bananagram Dan Landrum

riffing_LynnRadford_Bananagram02_ArtistinSeine Dan Landrum


Dean Marks, David Stafford, Lynn Radford Banana-gram

riffing_LynnRadford_Bananagram02 Dan Landrum


Consumer Consciousness XII We've Got the Goods!

riffing_LynnRadford_WeveGottheGoods Dan Landrum

What I like most about Dan’s digital renditions is that he is recycling art, creating something new from something old, collaborating with artists and bringing new life to their work. He wastes no supplies in so doing and everything is stored in the ether.

Imitation is said to be the best form of flattery, but I disagree. I believe that the best form of flattery comes when someone is inspired to add to, or manipulate a piece of your work.

Here, Dan uses an old scan of ‘A Study in Blue’ to illustrate my point…

Flattery Dan Landrum

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Outbound Mail Art: Catching Up!

Catching up! is a common theme for me as April rapidly comes to a close. I am looking for a fresh start this May, in as many areas of my life as I can manage.

That said, these are some of the pieces of mail art that I have sent out into the world in weeks past…

To Brussels, Belgium…

Bad? or Wicked Good?

Bad? or Wicked Good?

To St. Augustine, Florida…

USPS Trashpo Collage: Unable to Forward

USPS Trashpo Collage: Unable to Forward

To Carbondale, Illinois…

Washi Expressions

Washi Expressions

To Finland…

Washi Airmail

Washi Airmail

To Spain…

Black Pepper Bergamot Cookies

Black Pepper Bergamot Cookies

To Oakland, California…

Cat Lovers Crowning Chevron

Cat Lovers Crowning Chevron

To Richmond, Virginia…

A Movement in Plum

A Movement in Plum

To Rosemount, Minnesota…

A Celebration of Disney Characters

A Celebration of Disney Characters

To Halifax, Nova Scotia…

My Blue World

My Blue World

The rest will have to wait for another day… the studio beckons!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

In the Mail: Catching Up!

Whilst out of touch with cyber world, I received a bunch of cool mail.

Below are a few stragglers from World Banana Day. The first piece was highly entertaining on so many levels… Arriving from Albuquerque, NM, I can only think that this is the work of the wildly successful and amazing David Stafford.

Henri Matisse and the Very Large Banana

You must read the inscription!

Henri Matisse and the Very Large Banana II

Anna Banana, herself, returned a piece to me in celebration of World Banana Day and as a thank you for her birthday greetings.

The Infamous Charms of A. Banana

More Banana Mail arrived from Fake Fine Art/Indiana Rogers, in the form of Trash Pop! It is ever so Warhol-ish in its presentation.

Trash Pop Fake FIne Art

Were you wondering what an empty soup can has to do with bananas?

Trash Pop Fake Fine Art II

An envelope arrived last fall and got lost among the detritus of life, only to be rediscovered in the current phase of spring cleaning and purging. My sincerest apologies to Art Like Art (http://artlikeart.com/) for not having responded to this trove of treasures in a more timely manner!

Goodies from Art Like Art

Much to my delight, she also sent an Add ‘n Pass!

Add 'n Pass from Art Like Art

Secret Garden was a collage print I received from Jane Smith. Her collages are always fun and whimsical.

Secret Garden Jane Smith

In an extension of the Liberate Your Art 2014 Postcard Swap, Jill Eudaly of Recycled Daze (http://www.jeudaly.blogspot.com/) sent me one of her extra printables. It is a page from her e-book, ‘Fly Me to the Moon.’

Fly Me to the Moon Jill EudalyGuido Vermeulen (http://mailartinternationale.blogspot.com/) lives in Brussels, Belgium. His mail art is always a welcome find.

At Crescent Creek Cane - Sugar Comments on a  Sunset Guido Vermeulen

The contents of the envelope included a poem and an art print, ‘Night of the Hunter.’

Contents Guido Vermeulen

Mim Scalin (http://mim4art.blogspot.com/) wanted to thank me for the 100th birthday card I created and sent to her mother. Mim’s compositions are always a feast for the eyes.

Mim Scalin

Last, but not least, is the mailing I received from a new friend, Eunice Whitaker of the UK. We were paired up for the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap!

CREATE Eunice Whitaker UK

Thanks ever so much to everyone for the mailings! If you’re looking for a return from me, you’ll get it soon!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Banana Landing Recorded in France!

A few of you might recall a February blog post involving Banana Mail. If you have no idea to what I am referring, you can read the post here: https://trashbubblesandlifeslittlebits.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/on-my-desk-go-bananas/

One of the featured pieces I’d prepared to send to a mail art cohort in France was a paper mache banana.

Paper Mache Banana-gram

It took a while to actually get this one moving through the post. In my over-zealousness, I neglected to fill out the proper customs form and was turned away.

The Banana-gram and I pouted a bit, filled out the form and returned to the local post office where a cool postal worker, Jim (Thanks, Jim!) made sure that the Banana-gram would safely make the trip without further ado! (What a guy, that Jim!)

It wasn’t long before the Banana-gram had arrived in Paris! Alas, it had a short wait while the sender was notified and could make the trip to retrieve it….

The following blog post will fill in the details of the story, even going so far as to provide some great photographs of the Banana-gram in its new environment!


See, Jim? I told you it would arrive in one piece!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Liberate Your Art Follow-Up! And Blog Hop!

The Liberate Your Art 2014 Postcard Swap has ended. If you recall, the swap challenged us to print our artwork on postcards. You can read my original blog post here: https://trashbubblesandlifeslittlebits.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/liberate-your-art-2014-postcard-swap/

Printing was new to some, old hat to others. Many of us used a professional printing service. Here is my post detailing my printing experience: https://trashbubblesandlifeslittlebits.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/in-the-mail-postcards-from-moo/

Once we’d received our printed postcards, it was time to send them of to Kat Sloma at kateyestudio.com for the real work of the swap. Some of us made short work of it, others took the time to decorate envelopes, making more of a ceremony out of it. You can read about my send-off here: https://trashbubblesandlifeslittlebits.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/on-my-desk-doodling/

In celebration of all the participants and all of the liberated art, I thought I’d share the six pieces I received during the month of March.

Liberate Your Art 2014 Postcard Swap

The first piece I received was stunning. The image, the color really grabbed me.

The Blue Trees in London

At first, I thought this was a digitally altered photo, but then I turned it over. Photographed by Mel in the UK, this is one of ‘The Blue Trees in London.’ (An environmental art installation by Konstantin Dimopoulos.)

The next postcard to arrive was ‘Aria Dog.’

Aria Dog

A photograph by Maria Ontiveros of her daughter’s dog, peering over the fence. Each time I see this piece, I can’t help but wonder what the dog is thinking….

Sunset in Apalachicola, Florida was third to arrive in my mailbox.


P. Bennett shot this at sunset on one of the inlets there. I loved the crispness of the reflection in this image.

‘Theory of All Fates’ by Anne-Camille Tongleux is a digital dream!

Theory of All Fates, Anne-Camille Tongleux

She used Zazzle for her printing. I like that she used a border and embedded her information there.

As the month wound down, I found a piece from Teresa Cash in my mail box, encouraging me to “enjoy the little things in life.”

Teresa Cash

Then, as Kat Sloma’s postcard arrived, the swap came to an end.

Layered Autumn by Kat Sloma

‘Layered Autumn’ was a thank you for our participation in the swap.

Kat Sloma Thank You

It was great fun participating! I looked forward to each new piece as it arrived. All the artists were brave souls, to step out of their comfort zones, to try printing and sharing their art.

That having been said, it was truly disappointing to me to see the sad state of these postcards as they arrived. The postal service has obviously been letting their machines go… These little treasures were scuffed and torn and burnt! In the case of Kat’s a hole was literally burned through the card by the machine. I wondered if this was something that happened locally, or if other participants had noticed these kinds of damages as their postcards arrived.

A huge THANK YOU! to Kat Sloma of kateyestudio.com for hosting The Liberate Your Art 2014 Postcard Swap, for her encouragement, time and devotion to the success of it all!

Now, hop on over to the Liberate Your Art 2014 Postcard Swap Blog Hop to see some of the other amazing participants and their submissions to the project!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Brave Girls Birdies

Several years ago, I took a leap of faith and invested in myself. By this, I mean that I got up the courage and the funds to participate in Soul Restoration as taught by Melody Ross and the Brave Girls Club. http://bravegirlsclub.com/soul-restoration It was one of the best things I have ever done.

BGC Soul Restoration

Try as I might, I don’t remember how I stumbled on Brave Girls, or how I heard about Soul Restoration. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I said, “YES!” I stepped out in faith and was rewarded with a new view of myself and the world at large.

BGC What Matters Most

To this day, I carry with me the lessons I learned and the joy that I found on that journey.

BGC Live A Brave Life

My series of birdies grew out of that period of self-discovery. As near and dear to me as the wings of my own heart, these birdies exemplify the Truth, the Freedom, the Diversity and the Courage that Brave Girls instilled in me.

A Little Bird Told Me...Worthy

It is no wonder then, that I continue to share my fine feathered creations with the Brave Girls Club. Each new birdie I create is submitted faithfully for inclusion in the Brave Girls Daily Truth emails. These uplifting and encouraging emails are delivered daily to subscribers. They support and uphold the Brave Girls teachings, providing little bits of inspiration and reminders of the fundamental truths we tend to forget.

Tall Bird-Curly TailDSC_0508

My birdies have become, by extension, a symbol of those truths. I am extremely grateful to Kathy Wilkins and the rest of the Brave Girls team for their support and encouragement. Just yesterday, I received an email letting me know that another of my birdies was to appear in that evening’s Daily Truth. Within, Kathy extended a compliment to me and it touched me deeply. It reminded me that we all crave validation and approval. Sometimes we actually get it.

DSC_0955Follow Your Bliss

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. It grows wings of its own and spreads like the fire of a phoenix, sharing messages of renewal and rebirth.

Woodland Jewel

In that spirit, I encourage you to check out the Brave Girls Club. http://bravegirlsclub.com/ Sign up for their Daily Truth emails. http://bravegirlsclub.com/subscribe-receive-daily-truth-little-bird-told-emails (Little Butterfly is a similar email subscription for girls and teens.)  Take a peek into their classes and all the wonderful things they are up to these days. You won’t be disappointed and you might just be inspired!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

The Amazing Stephanie Blake Strikes Again!

This piece of mail art deserves its very own post for the sheer volume of eye candy it contains!

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V1

Stephanie Blake is one of the talented collage artists I’ve met through the International Union of Mail Artists.


Her stuff speaks to me on so many levels!

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V3

The texture! The visual interest! The color palette!

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V4

The combination of seemingly unconnected elements to create a whole!

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V5

Her collages are at once nostalgic and whimsical!

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V6

They are resourceful and beautiful!

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V7

They evoke a sense of wonder!

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V8

Encouraging one to explore deeply…

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V9

To drink in every detail…

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V10

To fall in love with the bits of this and that as they blend seamlessly, effortlessly creating the most unique experience for the viewer…

Stephanie Blake CP #92 V11

For they are the stuff of dreams!

A huge thank you to Stephanie for Collage Packet #92 and all that it brought along with it!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!