Outbound Mail Art: The Stars Might Lie, but the Numbers Never Do!

When you exchange mail art within a vast and diverse global network, it can become overwhelming… FAST! Creating one small piece of art at a go is often time consuming. The mail tends to fill your box more quickly than you can return it.

One of the ways I stay on top of the volume is by occasionally producing a series of mail art from one piece. I begin with a large piece of card stock, watercolor paper, or canvas and build on it.

Stars Might Lie I

Recently, I completed one such series inspired by lyrics from the Mary Chapin Carpenter hit, ‘I Feel Lucky.’ One of my favorite lines in the song, “The stars might lie, but the numbers never do.” became my series title.

Stars Might Lie III

Beginning with a page of prepared canvas, I applied acrylics, to give me a brightly colored background. Then, I gathered all the numerals I had laying around the studio. I layered in tissue, stamps and stencils until I had the feel I was going for. I then cut the canvas down into postcard sized pieces and worked on them individually to embellish and finish each one.

Only seven of the nine belong to the original set. When I ran out of  the blue stencil punch-outs, I switched over to using a packaging transparency, giving me the ‘Numbers Curve,’ a set of two.

Numbers Curve I

Do you make a habit of creating small works from a large piece? Or do you create each individually? I’d love to hear a bit about your process.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


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