Among my most recent endeavors was a postcard created for the SEE mail art call.

As you can SEE this magazine collage piece was a most literal translation of the theme.


Red Head, Red Head, what do you SEE? I SEE a tarantula staring at me!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



2 thoughts on “SEE! SEE? SEE!

  1. Hello, just catching up on your last few posts. Wow, have you been bury! love all your mail art. I really like the works in blue 3rd post back. They whisper to me too!

    • Busy is a synonym for productive in my case, Jill. So glad to have the winter doldrums behind me… With March came renewed enthusiasm and bountiful creativity. I can barely contain all the ideas inside! I have notes everywhere and at least fifty 4×6 pieces in various stages of completion! Were I able to spend full-time hours in the studio… who knows what would happen! Maybe I’d finally finish that ink well project for submission and get some queries out there! Maybe I’d get the studio whipped into shape and begin recording the instructional videos I have in mind! Ah, but alas! I am overflowing in other areas, unable to closet myself away as I would like. But there is the dream… and it keeps me keeping on! 😀 P.S. Thanks for the lovely words of compliment!

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