Outbound Mail Art: Mail Art 365 Challenge Accepted!

The most recent pieces to post from The Studio at Piney Creek Acres marks the beginning of my adventure in Mail Art 365.

Mail Art Superman was sent to Brazil. It was ultra simple, but it made me smile.


Mail Art Superman 001/365

Floating is another light, happy piece. Massachusetts was its destination.

Floating 002/365

Floating 002/365

Beach Glass Delight had nothing to do with beach glass and everything to do with the tranquility of the color scheme. Scraps and bits made up this collage. My hope is that it arrived in Washington before the recipient relocated.

Beach Glass Delight 003/365

Beach Glass Delight 003/365

Calypso’s Dream was an experiment of sorts. I really liked the way it turned out. It landed in Minnesota without incident.

Calypso's Dream 004/365

Calypso’s Dream 004/365

Colorful Expressions is a trash-po collage made up of Scotch washi tape labels and went to California.

Colorful Expressions 005/365

Colorful Expressions 005/365

Created from a scrap of textured wallpaper, Textured Dots was sent to Italy.

Textured Dots 006/365

Textured Dots 006/365

One of my favorite pieces of the last week is RUSTic Naturals. An assemblage of bits, including a rusty disc and bit of old book binding, I had a difficult time letting go of it, but it posted to New Jersey.

RUSTic Naturals 007/365

RUSTic Naturals 007/365

Created for the Fake Andy Warhol Mail Art Call, this crazy little guy got under my skin. Iowa, here he comes!

Fake Andy Warhol Monkey 008/365

Fake Andy Warhol Monkey 008/365

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!






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