In the Mail: Arty Gifties!

You all know I love mail, specifically mail art.

What’s better than that?

It doesn’t seem like anything could be, but there is one thing…


What do I mean?

Check it out!

Last week, I was lucky enough to receive two such packages in the mail!

A fellow artist/mail artist in Pittsburgh put it out there that she had Indian paper scraps to share to the first five folks who showed interest. Guess who jumped on that bandwagon?

Here’s what Jessica sent:

Indian Paper Scraps from Jessica

Can you say, “Awesome?” Thanks for sharing, Jessica!

Another friend had some duplicate stencils and very generously offered them to me:

From Julia

Thank you, Julia! These are AMAZING!

So grateful for my friends’ generosity!

Now, to finish a few projects so that I can spare the time to play with my arty gifties!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


2 thoughts on “In the Mail: Arty Gifties!

    • You have so much going on, Corrine! Is it any wonder you find any time to create at all these days? Let alone send out mail! Glad you had a moment to spare, to pop in! Been watching the progress of the house and I am delighted for you! 😀

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