In the Mail: Hallowed Greetings and More!

The last few weeks have been tough for me. Pushing to meet deadlines on several fronts and the loss of our beloved pet, Little Lizzie Big Ears, coupled with time constraints to bump up my stress levels.

In the previous post, I showed you how I was coping, allowing myself to create backgrounds, in order to unwind.

Sitting down to open and read my mail art haul is one of my favorite ways to de-stress.

For Halloween, the following gems appeared in the mail box…

Priory Limericks I

From Thom Courcelle

Priory Limericks (back)

Priory Limericks (back)

I hadn’t heard from Thom in some time, as he had recently relocated from the West Coast to the East. Truth be told, I was quite surprised, albeit delighted to hear from him. Can you make out what the stamp above says? πŸ˜€

Halloween Swap 2014 from Terry Owenby

From Terry Owenby

A sense of belonging and acceptance is what I treasure most from my participation in the online group, The Studio. The mail is pretty sweet too! Terry Owenby sent this ghostly piece my way in fulfillment of the Halloween Swap we joined.

Edgar Allen Pooh by KDJ

Edgar Allen Pooh by KDJ

KDJ isn’t heard from often these days… too many other real-world responsibilities just now. So you can imagine my surprise at receiving this awesome piece! For someone who loves Edgar Allan Poe and Pooh, I was thrilled by it!

This THRILLING piece hails from Amy Irwen

From Amy Irwen

Speaking of being thrilled, This THRILLING piece hails from Amy Irwen. Her collages are always fun and often stitched. This one did not disappoint!


From Jill Eudaly

Don’t you just love the wood block print from Jill Eudaly, Recycled Daze? The Oak leaves have an awesome texture that this scan didn’t quite capture… The stitching really helped to set it off. You can read more about her adventure in woodblock printing here:

The following mail also arrived…

From Diane Keys

From Diane Keys

Diane Keys must’ve been in a fall mood, or else the squirrels were in her head again… Rusty orange colored label trashpo, a DKULT treasure, to be sure!

From David Stafford

From David Stafford

David Stafford finally got his very own circle punch! Can you tell? The simplicity of this piece stopped me dead in my tracks. It brought to mind a ghostly vision of a white bowling ball….

From Cinzia Farina, ITALY

From Cinzia Farina, ITALY

My first correspondence from Cinzia Farina of ITALY is quite the gem! Yes, that IS real thread weaving through the fingers of the collaged hand! Simply Stunning!

From Jill Adamy

From Jill Adamy

And last, but certainly not least, I present an offering from Jill Adamy of She also belongs to the online group, The Studio. When she learned that I was mourning the loss of our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Little Lizzie Big Ears, she reached out to cheer me with a piece of her art. It measures approximately 81/2″ x 11″ and this scan does not do it justice. The colors are much brighter and the glass beads, added with gel medium, do not show up at all. Trust me, it is way more awesome in person!

Thank you, to all whose mail art helped to lighten some really dark days. It meant more than you could ever know.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

P.S. In my haste to publish this post, I realized that I neglected to include a very special mail art package. The images were on my camera card which was not in my possession at the time of this post. My sincerest apologies to Julia Jaques, whose package I savored, opening in stages, so as to derive full enjoyment from it. Check it out…

Julia 2014 Halloween I

The envelope was fun, but the contents, were over the top!

Julia 2014 Halloween II

The packet design was way cool!

Julia 2014 Halloween III

Inside the packet was an ATC and what else? Treats!

Thanks ever so much, Julia! It was like Christmas at Halloween! You truly outdid yourself!


12 thoughts on “In the Mail: Hallowed Greetings and More!

  1. I’m so happy that you received that piece I created for you. I just felt so badly for you and your family on the loss of your sweet pup. I know that feeling all too well and it’s just so emptying. Hope you are managing okay this week. Hang in there, lovely! xo

    • Thank you, so very much, Jill! It touched me deeply…. I know it will get better in time, but it’s tough going just now. I thought I was doing well until this morning… the oldest cat, who avoided the kitchen and therefore, the dog, walked into the kitchen this morning and looked at me… and I lost it. Your kindness meant a great deal. xo

  2. Wow! Some real incredible pieces came for you! Curious about the Edgar Allen Pooh book. Is the inside altered as well? What a great collection πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Julia. No, It’s just an altered scan of the book cover. Realized after I published this, that I neglected to include the pics I took of the Halloween goodies you sent. Will be adding a P.S. to this post in the am, when I am reunited with my camera card. Thank you so much! I opened it in stages and really savored it… you really helped to brighten my week! πŸ˜€

      • I’m happy it arrived safely. So much trouble with our local PO lately, all new people. Couldn’t let the holiday go by without sending you something πŸ˜‰

  3. Such wonderful mail art! Your mail box must be fun to open every day. πŸ™‚ I hope you are doing better with each passing day but, I know it’s difficult and takes time. Take as long as you need, dear friend. It does get better.

    • Thanks, Terry. The fill-in mail carrier had to deliver packages to the house yesterday afternoon, one required a signature. While I was signing the young man said, “I have to tell you… this is my favorite house on the route.” When asked why, he said, “It’s the last house on the route, which means my day is almost over, but also because you get the most amazing mail!” He woke me from a nap after a long day with my grandson, so my head wasn’t quite on straight, or I would have asked his name and left a piece of mail for him, inviting him to join in. Alas, another missed opportunity, but the compliment is a testament to the fact that our exchanges really do have an effect on the mail carriers. The guy was beaming as he spoke. πŸ˜€

      • What a lovely story! I enjoyed hearing the effect your mail had on the mail carrier. As for the missed opportunity, I wonder if you could get his name from the PO…they must have a record of who delivers on what days. If they won’t give you his name, if you are able, you could always drop off a piece of mail for him and hope they give it to him. Just a thought. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your story. I loved it!

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