I Love Inter-connectivity! Homestead #11

In 2012, Colorado suffered wildfires which devastated the forestry, its people and the firefighters who fought to protect it.

As the smoke receded, people banded together to heal, to replace that which they’d lost and memorialize what they could not replace.

It was from that sacred loss, that the Ashes to Art Project was born. If you recall, I was a contributing artist to that fundraising endeavor, which sought to replace the equipment lost by the Poudre Canyon Volunteer Fire Protection District, while utilizing the charcoal from those very fires to birth Art from the Ashes. (You can see my contribution to the project under the Charitable Art tab at the top of the page.)

Lori Joseph was my contact on the project. She was encouraging, supportive and instrumental in the success of the entire project, from my humble perspective.

Recently, I read a piece that Lori has written. Its honesty and bare bones touched something in me. It moved me. And so, here I am, returning the favor, supporting her, encouraging her, wishing her every success.

You would do me, and your heart, a favor to read Lori’s piece here:

Homestead #11

Image by photographer Tim O’Hara.

Homestead #11

More can be found here:


By all means, let me know what you think.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

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