In The Mail: Lots of Goodies

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared any of the mail art I’ve received. I won’t go back and try to catch up, that would only serve to frustrate us both. Instead, I will share some of the most recent gems.

The Cracker Jack Kid, aka Chuck Welch, sent a piece he’d posted on Facebook, that I had expressed interest in receiving. It arrived damaged and I was unable to thoroughly read his message. Such is the organic nature of the beast that is mail art.

Jude Weirmeir who is responsible for Subscription Opus sent along a fun piece, but unfortunately it lost something in transit as well. The front seems to be missing its center “wheel.”

From the Stafford Studio in New Mexico came this anonymous gem, but the style is unmistakable. The inside of the envie reads, “RAW NAKED WISDOM DIRECT FROM THE SOURCE.”

Anna Banana Sent her most recent issue of the Banana Rag my way. Always a fascinating read!

Banana Rag

A couple of Valentines made an appearance, despite the fact that I did not send any out this year. They warmed the cockles of my cold, cold heart. (Brrrr….)

From Lucky Pierre in Charleston, South Carolina:

Lucky Pierre Valentine

From Jill Eudaly of You-R-Here:

You-R-Here Valentine Jill Eudaly

Thanks to everyone for brightening my mailbox! And warming my heart! 🙂

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


6 thoughts on “In The Mail: Lots of Goodies

  1. What a pretty heart-shaped leaf! I’m sorry the postal service has been so hard on your mail. They need to realize that it’s fine art you have coming and going there and to handle it gently! 🙂 I enjoyed your recent posts.

    • Ah, but Terry, that will never happen. The machines in my area are old and there is no money to repair them, let alone replace them. In addition, mail artists have been dealing with this sort of thing since we began. It is truly the organic nature of the beast. We mail these pieces naked, without protection, gambling on whether or not they will arrive in one piece. The postal system leaves its mark in many ways and that can add or detract from the piece depending. If we really wanted to protect them and keep them safe, we could put them in envelopes or wrap them in plastic, etc. But alas, we do this crazy thing we do and damn the consequences. 😀

      • I should have explained…I was being facetious in my comment about the post office and the art they process. 🙂 Sometimes, I actually like the marks left by their machines. Other times, not so much. But as you say, we “do this crazy thing”…and what fun we have doing it!

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