Monday Morning Mail Art Call: MEALART


Drawn to this mail art call by its colorful advertisement, I couldn’t help but begin brainstorming ideas.

Everyone eats. Lots of people love food. Foodies are everywhere. Facebook and Instagram are filled with snapshots of our meals, both the mundane and the extraordinary.

Why not give your hand a try at creating a piece of MEALART? What kind of GASTRO delight can you concoct? The possibilities are as endless as the sheer volume of recipes throughout the world.

Confession: the pun-lover in me finds tremendous joy in that this international mail art call originates in Hungary. Giggle, giggle! 😀

Be sure to check back next Monday morning for more in my new series, Monday Morning Mail Art Call. My hope is that you will find calls that inspire you to create, to participate in the continuing global phenomenon that is mail art.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

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