Outbound Mail Art: Two Weeks Worth!

The following postcards were mailed within the past two weeks. Some have already landed, while others are just about to do so.

Gold and Silver-Red Wheels Turnin' I

Gold & Silver Red Wheels Turnin’ 1 of 2

These two were created as one piece and cut in half.

Gold and Silver-Red Wheels Turnin' II

Gold & Silver Red Wheels Turnin’ 2 of 2

Ephemera shows up from time to time in my collages. This is one of my faves. Using a page from an S&H Green Stamp book, I built upon it with fiber, paper scraps and machine stitching.

Not Ben Franklin's Savings Plan to Julia

Not Ben Franklin’s Savings Plan!

The Dada Doodle below is another from the Silver on Black doodle series.

Dada Doodle ASKEW - to C Tarantino

Dada Doodle: ASKEW

Acrylic painted envies with rubber stamped images are fast and fun! Love ’em!

Mixed-media envie

Mixed-media envie

Simple minimalist collages are often the most effective. The elements in this one came from stickers on consumer shrink wrapped packages. No glue required!

Bluebird's Revenge

Bluebird’s Revenge

Tomato Salad is another in the Consumer Consciousness series that took what seemed like forever to complete.

Consumer Consciousness: Tomato Salad to Aaron Held

Consumer Consciousness: Tomato Salad

The last piece was created in response to a call from a mail art friend to send her a word on a postcard. She’ll be using them to compose poetry, so I have decided to send her one a week.

Erica Durante WORDS: Dream

Words: Dream

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Tuesday Trash Bubbles: E6000 & Duct Tape

E6000 & Duct Tape: How Americans Create Their Life Fixes, has been in the works for a while, if only in my mind’s eye.

As I do not have an intended recipient for this piece, I thought I’d offer it out to my readers. If you’d like a chance to receive this bubble, leave a comment. For two chances, leave a comment and share this post on facebook or your blog. For three chances, leave a comment, share and tweet. I will quit taking entries for the drawing as of Thursday night at 11:59 EST. The recipient will be picked randomly by the Little Guy I hang out with on Fridays. Sorry, domestic mailing only, due to customs issues. Make it fun! Play along!

E6000 & Duct Tape: How Americans Create Their Life Fixes (full view)

The blister pack from my latest tube of E6000 was saved expressly for this bubble. The printed tapes? Duct Tape! That strange rectangular black thing? The back of a tiny, broken remote with a broken stretch band wrapped around it! The green whirly thingy came from the top of a squeeze pouch of fruit sauce. That red thingy? I don’t know what it is, or how I acquired it.

E6000 & Duct Tape: How Americans Create Their Life Fixes (close-up top contents)

Every American knows that Duct Tape fixes everything, except STUPID. LoL! And anyone who has ever used the E6000 adhesive, made in the good old US of A knows that it’s the strongest adhesive, by far.

E6000 & Duct Tape: How Americans Create Their Life Fixes (close-up bottom contents)

The American Traveler may not always have E6000 about their person, but Duct Tape? You betcha!

Americans have long used temporary fixes (like super glue and tape) because they are used to rigging things to work, or they’re lazy, or they just can’t stand to part with something that needed to be let go of long ago. Too, there’s that genuine conundrum of not knowing HOW to fix a thing and not being able to pay someone who can. Any way you look at it, Americans are the kings of sloppy fixes that seem to get the job done, even if temporarily.

E6000 & Duct Tape: How Americans Create Their Life Fixes (close-up top side)

Best for creating: Metal Ribbon

This piece was a nod to all Americans whose ingenuity or laziness forced them to use one of these products to fix an integral part of their daily life. Too bad they don’t work for STUPID, GOVERNMENT, POLITICS, RACIAL TENSION and the like! If you find a product that does, this girl would love to know about it!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Karuizawa New Art Museum, Japan

Open your mind to international mail art calls. Sure, the stamp costs more, but it’s well-worth the international exposure. Just think, your mail can see all the museums and galleries that you, yourself, may never get to….

Today’s call is for a mail art exhibition in Japan. It is a free theme, free format call leaving it wide open for you. If you send before mid-April, your pieces will be a part of the opening exhibition on April 29th, but they are receiving works right through the end on September 22nd.


What are you waiting for? Go make some mail art!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

On My Desk: SBUX Meets Mail Art

Having an inside source really makes creating SBUX mail art easier for me than it might otherwise be. For those who might be wondering, SBUX is the stock trading name for the Starbucks Corporation.

They have lots of inspiring stickers and marketing bits. Some of them actually make their way into my studio, instead of the garbage dumpster, when promotions are over. For that, I am thankful.

My fascination with SBUX stickers and such began a few years back, when I was consuming a good bit of their product on a regular basis. The piece below is the first I’d been inspired to create, using my own SBUX trashy bits. Can you guess my drink of choice?

Consumer Consciousness: Cafe Mocha

Consumer Consciousness: Cafe Mocha

Late last summer, I was given a roll and half of those little ice cube stickers they used to mark purchased frozen beverages on a card counting toward a free frozen drink. The promotion was long over and the left-overs were landfill fodder if I didn’t rescue them.

They were cool! HA! But what to do with them? What eventually transpired is a series of postcards that I call Fractaled Fissures. The six pieces pictured below are already on the way to their recipients, but I have many more in various stages, awaiting completion.

Fractaled Fissures No. 1

Fractaled Fissures No. 1

Fractaled Fissures No. 2

Fractaled Fissures No. 2

Fractaled Fissures No. 3

Fractaled Fissures No. 3

Fractaled Fissures No. 4

Fractaled Fissures No. 4

Fractaled Fissures No. 5

Fractaled Fissures No. 5

Fractaled Fissures No. 6

Fractaled Fissures No. 6

Although the pieces in the Fractaled Fissures series look alike, each one is different from the next. They are portable and easy to work on when I am away from the studio. Over the next few months, I hope to complete the series. Look for them to land in a mail box near you!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Tuesday Trash Bubbles: Special Spring Journey

Today’s Trash Bubble will be making a Special Spring Journey to a dear art sister. Rather than continue to allow the horrific news of the day to invade, I escaped to the studio and immersed myself in bits of this and that until this bubble materialized. I feel better for it.

Special Spring Journey (angled)

Needing to shed the heavy burden of the day’s news, I chose a post consumer package with a blue floral pattern. It inspired me to sort through my odds and ends for other floral and springy bits.

Special Spring Journey (contents close-up)

The lavender colored satin rosebud (probably from an old hand-made boutonniere) and the little birdie from some long ago discarded card became anchors for the bubble which originally held two punches from ek tools. As I searched for a round something or other to pair with the rosebud, I stumbled across the vintage GE strike button which had long ago lost its pin back. I didn’t want to overload the cavities, wishing to keep as much of the printed floral backing exposed as possible.

Special Spring Journey (detail)

Floral brads and washi tape (both hand-painted and printed) were added along with colored staples. The result felt very light and springy.

Special Spring Journey (back)

It will probably go in the morrow’s post.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Mandalas

There’s nothing like a drawing a mandala to create peace and harmony within.

One of my favorite art mentors and encouragers, Carrie Brummer, of Artist Strong, offers free webinars on how to draw mandalas from time to time. In so doing, she offers folks a way to get in touch with their creativity via an ancient art form that is very easy to learn and build upon. Here is a sign up link for her next webinar first week of April on drawing mandalas: http://app.webinarjam.net/register/14015/5cab2b0890 You can read about Carrie and her art here: http://www.carriebrummer.com/ You can explore her offerings via Artist Strong here: http://www.artiststrong.com/

Mandala by Carrie Brummer

Mandala by Carrie Brummer

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that literally means circle. Mandalas are a circular design, usually created from the center point outward. When drawing or painting a mandala, you are creating a geometric pattern within the form of a circle. This pattern is believed to represent the universe at large. Mandalas are sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism, as they often are relied upon to offer spiritual guidance and aid in meditation.

Now, let me tempt you to create your own mandala to release into the world…

Mary Campbell has issued a Mandala Mail Art Call. All pieces received will be displayed at her exhibit in June 2016 and then SOLD to raise funds for food pantries in the NYC area. This is your chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself, to give back in a very small way via your creativity. All information is provided below.

Send mail to be received by May 28, 2016

Send your mandala mail to:
Mary Campbell, 123 Scribner Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301 USA

ALL work received will be posted online at tinyurl.com/mndla-pics

A Mandala is a graphic pattern – circular divided into four separate sections, balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony, representing the cosmos
mail art Size- less than 12″ x 12″
(Please include on front or back one word as a meditation guide)

ALL work received will be Exhibited June 3- 31, 2016
At ETG Book Cafe, 208 Bay St, Staten Island NY
And SOLD with ALL sales going to local FOOD PANTRIES
to increase their food stock

(Exhibit is part of the “Food Can Mandala Project” which includes a 24′ mandala to be created from cans of food, on view June 18 at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island and then the food cans will be distributed to Staten Island food pantries. Project funded in part by a DCA Premier grant from SI Arts with public funding from the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs.)

A Look at Dada Poetry

Fridays have not been good for Dada. We are lucky to get this brief post up on Saturday, folks. Things have been busy, busy, busy at Piney Creek Acres this week.

A few weeks back, I issued a challenge to folks to try their hand at creating a Dada poem based a Tristan Tzara technique. I provided this link to MoMA’s Make Poetry with Chance instructions: http://www.moma.org/learn/moma_learning/themes/dada/word-play

Since then, I have located a few other links:

A good Tristan Tzara bio: http://www.poemhunter.com/tristan-tzara/biography/

And a few of Tristan’s poems: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-great-lament-of-my-obscurity-three/ AND http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/proclamation-without-pretension/ AND http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/vegetable-swallow/

Do consider trying your hand at a Dadaist poem. The newspaper cut-up suggestion by MoMA is merely one way of achieving the desired effect. I am currently working on one using only the words from a Scrabble game with a friend. Below, you’ll find a piece of redacted Dadaist poetry sent to me by Keith Chambers.


Keith Chambers Redacted Dada Poem

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


Outbound Mail Art: Mixed Bag

Having just switched to Daylight Savings Time here, Spring is straining to break the bonds of winter. So am I. This post will publish on Saint Patrick’s Day. I will be doing a bit of celebrating, but I hope you’ll enjoy this post in my absence. Beannachtam na Femle Padraig!

This first piece took a very long time to assemble, two years, I think. Using only yellow, orange and green sales stickers tends to limit one. It was built around the Belgian Chocolate label. Dreams of Spring is one of the latest pieces in my Consumer Consciousness Series.


Consumer Consciousness: Dreams of Spring

Recently, we made a lengthy drive to visit family in South Carolina. There was so much visiting to be had that I only had time to doodle here and there. Follow the Silver Doodle Map to DADA is what transpired.


Follow the Silver Doodle Map to DADA

Another in my Consumer Consciousness Series, this piece also took ages to complete. I had originally meant it to be an entry for the RED Show mail art call issued forth by Mick Boyle of Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania.


Consumer Consciousness: RED!!!

This next piece is an envelope made from the wax paper I use as my acrylic palette when painting. It was folded, the sides were stitched and it was sealed and reinforced with hand-painted washi tape. I stuffed the inside full of all sorts of goodies.



A flub-up turns scrap, then becomes mail art in this piece for Moan Lisa:



That’s all for now.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!





In the Mail: International Goodies!

Everyone knows that I delight in receiving mail art. The only thing better? International mail art, of course!

This post mixes a bit of both, giving me the best of both worlds.

Ruud Janssen sent a print of a recent work along with some other mail art goodies in a sweet rubber-stamped envie.


Ruud Janssen, Netherlands

Lucky Pierre sent me a few of her photo postcards for my own use. A very kind gesture! Thank you!

Lucky Pierre, South Carolina

Lucky Pierre, South Carolina

Ed Giecek sent an envelope so jam packed that it needed its own photo gallery! Love his hand-cut stamps!

Carina Granlund sent one of her digital collage pieces along with a few other goodies. It must be said that I love Finland’s postage stamps!


Carina Granlund, Finland

From Moan Lisa comes the Feed The Fish tri-fold brochure for the gallery showing with Renata Solimini at Five Monkeys. (I wrote about that mail art call here: https://trashbubblesandlifeslittlebits.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/monday-morning-mail-art-call-feed-the-fish/ ) For some reason, my scanner insisted on dividing it up, rather than scan the two sides.


Jill Eudaly recently read The Professor and the Madman and was inspired to create a new mail art series she calls Scriptorium Nonboredium. I was one of the first lucky recipients.

Jill Eudaly, Pennsylvania

Jill Eudaly, Pennsylvania

And last, but not least is the Janus Mail Art Catalogue 10. I submitted a collaboration between myself and Matt Taggart for Your Sonic Views. I love the catalogues E.J. creates for these calls. They contain full-color images of all submissions along with credits. This is my third or fourth time participating.

Eberhard Janke, Germany

Eberhard Janke, Germany

That’s all for now.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!