Tuesday Trash Bubbles: Pan Lite

Today’s Trash Bubble was made from consumer packaging that closely resembles the product it once held. These kinds of plastic bubbles offer a jumping off point of sorts and I enjoy working with them.

This piece was originally the plastic sleeve for a flash light of some sort. It had spacers that extended out from the main body, to fill the space in the box it came in and keep it from rattling around. I removed those with scissors, as it made securing the sides easier and less bulky.

To begin, I filled the small cavities with game piece letter blocks, giving title to the piece. Next, I added “buttons” to the little divots where it seems the on/off button was on the product. Then I added printed washi tape (Tim Holtz) to the edges to define the piece. Note: static is not your friend when working with post consumer plastic as it is a magnet for the finest hairs and dust, which can clearly be seen in the first photo.

Pan Lite (beginning)

Below are are some photos of the finished product. I had wanted to use short lengths of electrical wires and electronic components, but opted instead for trash bits because I didn’t want someone to mistake it for an explosive device. If it weren’t traveling “naked” through the mail, I would’ve stuck with my original vision.


Pan Lite (front)

Pan Lite (front top close-up)

Pan Lite (front middle close-up)

Pan LIte (front bottom close-up)


Pan Lite (back)

Pan Lite (back top close-up)

Pan Lite (main body close-up)

It was fun to assemble. I can only hope that the receiver enjoys it. 😀

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Trash Bubbles: Pan Lite

  1. I just love these! They are hysterical, intriguing and beautiful all at the same time! *plus this one has lots of red ❤ *

  2. You spelled my name wrong in your tags. It is BLOCH with an H. You could also include the mis-spelling as a tag because lots of people use it. You could be the person who finally reconciles the two groups and help them find each other, the mis-spellers and the whatever-that-group-is-who-spells-my-name-correctly. But I love it. Thank you so much.

    • OMG! So sorry! LoL! What’s funny is that I got it right on the label! Will remedy by adding the “real spelling” as you suggested. Who knows what may transpire! The hubby has strict instructions to add a 4th global stamp to the Pan Lite and drop it in the box. Let me know when you are in receipt of it! 😀

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