Fluxfest Chicago 2016

In lieu of my usual Friday Dada post, I’m sharing this one from Catherine M. Bennett. I am currently trying to make arrangements to attend Fluxfest 2016, so you will definitely be hearing more about it in my upcoming posts. Fluxus and Dada are so entwined that sometimes it’s difficult to see where one starts and the other ends. With that in mind, it might be confusing for those of you who are just becoming familiar with Dada principals, but I promise that if you brave the Fluxus waters, you will find yourself rewarded. As always, I am open to questions and love seeing your participation! Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Over the Sofa/ Under the Skin/ Inside the Head

Fluxfest Chicago 2016 will be happening around and on Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. What sort of performance scores would one might experience there?  Well, here is a good definition I found today via a Facebook post that referenced this wordpress site:


fluxus street theater.jpg Photo and Maciunas quote below are from the INTRODUCTION post at guitai.wordpress.com

“Art-amusement must be simple, amusing, unpretentious, concerned with insignificances, require no skill or countless rehearsals, have no commodity or institutional value.” George Maciunas, Fluxus Manifesto (1965).

Here is a link to download a publication of fluxus scores that came mostly from participants at the 2014 Chicago Fluxfest – kindly assembled, edited, and produced by Mary Campbell, with some contributions from the art community that gathers annually at this event.  https://archive.org/details/fluxfest2014

For more information on Fluxfest Chicago as it becomes available, look for the Fluxfest Chicago page on Facebook.

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