A Look at Dada Poetry

Fridays have not been good for Dada. We are lucky to get this brief post up on Saturday, folks. Things have been busy, busy, busy at Piney Creek Acres this week.

A few weeks back, I issued a challenge to folks to try their hand at creating a Dada poem based a Tristan Tzara technique. I provided this link to MoMA’s Make Poetry with Chance instructions: http://www.moma.org/learn/moma_learning/themes/dada/word-play

Since then, I have located a few other links:

A good Tristan Tzara bio: http://www.poemhunter.com/tristan-tzara/biography/

And a few of Tristan’s poems: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-great-lament-of-my-obscurity-three/ AND http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/proclamation-without-pretension/ AND http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/vegetable-swallow/

Do consider trying your hand at a Dadaist poem. The newspaper cut-up suggestion by MoMA is merely one way of achieving the desired effect. I am currently working on one using only the words from a Scrabble game with a friend. Below, you’ll find a piece of redacted Dadaist poetry sent to me by Keith Chambers.


Keith Chambers Redacted Dada Poem

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


9 thoughts on “A Look at Dada Poetry

  1. Fun stuff . . . “. . . interplay between the end of calypso and the boisterous pedal of climax . . .”

  2. I would love to see more dada poetry posted up here. Cut-up, redaction, perhaps some nonsensical psychedelic writing, vispo/trashpo, fluxus or absence of field . . . or, however you can get it out and put it down . . . yes, not all these techniques are true dadaism, but show me a dadaist and I’ll show you spilled ink. We are neo.

    • I’m patient. 🙂 Besides, you are the only person who’s announced their intention. Maybe there are hundreds out there with the same problem? Or maybe no one besides you cares. LoL!

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