Tuesday Trash Bubbles: Special Spring Journey

Today’s Trash Bubble will be making a Special Spring Journey to a dear art sister. Rather than continue to allow the horrific news of the day to invade, I escaped to the studio and immersed myself in bits of this and that until this bubble materialized. I feel better for it.

Special Spring Journey (angled)

Needing to shed the heavy burden of the day’s news, I chose a post consumer package with a blue floral pattern. It inspired me to sort through my odds and ends for other floral and springy bits.

Special Spring Journey (contents close-up)

The lavender colored satin rosebud (probably from an old hand-made boutonniere) and the little birdie from some long ago discarded card became anchors for the bubble which originally held two punches from ek tools. As I searched for a round something or other to pair with the rosebud, I stumbled across the vintage GE strike button which had long ago lost its pin back. I didn’t want to overload the cavities, wishing to keep as much of the printed floral backing exposed as possible.

Special Spring Journey (detail)

Floral brads and washi tape (both hand-painted and printed) were added along with colored staples. The result felt very light and springy.

Special Spring Journey (back)

It will probably go in the morrow’s post.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Trash Bubbles: Special Spring Journey

  1. Lovely…I am so ready for spring..have started spring cleaning so regardless of the 4″ of snow predicted for today, I refuse to let it damper my enthusiasm…..thanks for sharing Lynn *!*

    • Thanks, Amy! 😀 I would be spring cleaning, but Easter is here and I’ve a lot on my plate. Next week, though! I’m all over it! Once you’re done, you’ll be glad you got it out of the way… it will free you up for all the wonderous things spring has to offer, without feeling bogged down by shoulds. 😀

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