Friday Dada: Call for Dada

Despite my best efforts, this week’s Dada post is not only late, but lacking in substance. I apologize.

For your amusement, I offer you the MinneDaDa mail art call.

MinneDaDaMailArt1984 Call from Thomas M. Cassidy (Musicmaster)

Address to Musicmaster – Lyndale Ave S – Mpls MN 55419 (NOT to Bookstore) so he gets it by August 1st (2016)


Happy Trash to you, until we meet again.

Tuesday Trash Bubbles: Strange Abacus

This week, I finally finished a bubble I began neigh on three years ago. It’s amazing what one finds in the studio detritus when cleaning and organizing!

Strange Abacus

This bubble manifested from part of a Tim Holtz blister pack. It was the insert that held things in place. I strung beads from end to end through each row, allowing them to move freely within their sections. Once done, I found a 4 x 6 index card on which I’d been playing with inks and stitched the pack to it.

Not so sure that I like the end result, but there is something to be said for it being finished at last!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities MAC

This week’s MMMAC really spoke to me. My hope is that it will speak to you as well.

My mailbox is a cabinet of curiosities… so much potential.

All details in the image, but please note the deadline: May 20th!

Don’t dilly dally! Go now and create something wonderful!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Why You Should Read Your Friend’s Blog

Today, I have chosen to share a very worthwhile post with all of you. You would think that the premise of the post is common sense and you’d be right, but you’d also be surprised at the attitude of many folks you call, “friend” if you had a blog.

Time is a valuable commodity and most folks think that investing that commodity in their friend’s endeavors (blogs, art, writing, sports, etc.) unless they coincide with some interest of their own, is a waste of time.

Please take the time to read and share.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

We all have that friend that writes stuff on the internet. I think they call it “blogging” or some new trendy name like that. Kids these days and their need for self-expression.

Source: Why You Should Read Your Friend’s Blog

Tuesday Trash Bubbles: REDO

This morning, while trolling facebook in an attempt to wake up so I could get on with the business of my day, it was brought to my attention that the opening of the the local Art of Recycling show was THREE years ago today. Hard to believe.

Trash Bubbles Heart the Earth IV

How fortunate for me, as I was trying to figure out what to post today. I’d not created a new bubble for this week and I’ve no time to hurry one through.

This post is a prime example of the “work smarter, not harder” attitude that I am trying to embrace when it comes to my art.

I hope you’ll enjoy this look back at my piece for that show, Trash Bubbles Heart the Earth. It is a mobile comprised of SIX Trash Bubbles. This is a retrospective of the blog posts that feature the piece, beginning with its inception.


Road Side Basics Close-up

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!





Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Star of St. Vincent

This particular Monday Morning Mail Art Call (MMMAC) is visually inspiring.

It asks that you use the Star of St. Vincent, also known as the Black Star of Digne, as your inspiration, but gives you free reign as to how to do so. I have thought of several ways to create pieces for this call since first running across it and am itching to create a piece.

mail art call 2016 - arte correo argentina - star of digne

intergalactic MAIL ART CALL // МЭЙЛ АРТ  //ARTE CORREO //邮件艺术 // ART POSTAL

1st International MAIL CART CALL & EXHIBITION in Digne-Les-Bains (Provence, France)

The local news blog “Digne ma ville” organizes from March 1 to September 1, 2016, in partnership with UNESCO Geopark of Haute-Provence, the first international mail art project on the theme of the Star of Digne-les-Bains (Provence, France).

Draw your inspiration from the Star of Digne and send your mail art before 1st September 2016 !

Theme: Black Star ( or “Star of St. Vincent ” ) of Digne-les-Bains (Provence, France))

Techniques: all

Size: 40 x 40 cm MAX

Deadline : 1st September 2016

Exhibition: yes , all the works received will be exhibited on September 2016 !

Send your artwork to:

Appel à Art postal – Etoile de Digne

10 , impasse de la Lauze

04510 Aiglun 


You have a while to come up with something for this call, as the deadline isn’t until September 1st. Hope you’re inspired. As always, we’d be interested to see your interpretation of the theme.

Some of you have been asking if I have been submitting to these calls and if perhaps I might share my work with you. With that in mind, here is the piece I sent in for the Urban Landscape Mail Art Exhibition:

Stormy Citiscape Urban Mail Art Call 2016 UK

Stormy Citiscape

There’s still time to participate in the Urban Landscape call, as the deadline isn’t until May 31st. If you’re interested, you can find that MMMAC post here:

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Friday Dada: How do you know?

Short of someone placing the word DADA somewhere in their work, how do you know it is a dadaist piece?

Today, I will go over some over the key characteristics of Dada.

  • DADA loves a pun! The punnier, the better. Whether a visual pun or a verbal one, it matters not, so long as it is punny. A prime example of this turned up this past week in a featured piece from Catherine Mehrl Bennett in my Tuesday Trash Bubbles Post. On the back of her bubble was this little gem :


Here is an excerpt of what Catherine responded to one reader who misunderstood the intention of the artistamp: “The statement, “Make Art/ Not Cents” is more ambiguous than it appears at first glance. Also you need to look at it in the context of mailart, for which this stamp is intended for use. The poetic intent is the phonetic sound of Cents = Sense, and is a Dada statement in that regard. The “mailart” intent involves two levels: One is the context of artistamp design based on official postage which always has a specific VALUE element, and this artistamp is thus given NO value. Two is the context of mailart, which has an unspoken rule of NOT being intended for sale in the official art market.”

  • At it’s core, DADA is nonsensical. The original poets and artists of the new Dada age were trying to escape the real world. Their world had been rocked by war and fascism. They were attempting to create a lighter, more creative atmosphere, one that embraced rather than destroyed. And yet, Dada was negative and destructive in nature. It took things like words, tore them apart and reassembled them. Surely, you recall our previous talks about Tristan Tzara and his cut-up poems. Tristan Tzara, the Romanian poet was the driving force behind literary DADA and editor of the periodical, DADA beginning in 1917 with its first issue. Below are pictures of the covers for the first three issues.

Visual Dada was much the same as literary Dada insofar as nonsense and cutups. Early on, one of the leading visual Dada artists was Marcel Duchamp whose work was indicative of the tearing down of a thing only to reassemble it in another manner. (Remember his cubist-style paintings?) He freely admits that he passed through several movements of art before finding his niche. You really need to watch the following BBC interview of Duchamp from 1968.

See and hear for yourself why Marcel stayed on the fringe… and don’t forget to notice the Ready Made sitting to his left in the film! Yep, it’s his Egouttoir, or Bottle Dryer. I’m not certain if it’s the original from 1914 or a later version, of which there were several.

If you want to check out the Great Glass (Large Glass) that they discuss, this is the best link I’ve found:

  • Cést la vie! This french phrase means such is life, generally speaking. Here in the US, it translates loosely to Shit Happens. Pure Dadaists embraced Chance. By that, I mean that they accepted that things happen and if a thing happened to their art, or during their performance piece, it was meant to happen and it was embraced as part of a thing. This happens all the time in mail art. The postal cancellation, the elements, a footprint, a broken machine that burns marks upon the surface of mail. I hear so many folks say, “I’m so sorry the postal service allowed that to happen to this…” great thing you sent, or received. Few understand the organic concept of embracing the marks as part of the piece.

Well, boys and girls, that’s my DADA talk for today. Go, watch, read and learn! Come back and tell me something cool!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


From the Heart


Today is my husband’s birthday.

It’s a pretty big deal to me because a year ago, I was terrified that he wouldn’t make it to his next birthday.

No, he wasn’t ill. I just had this irrational fear that he would die much like my father did, without reaching his 61st birthday.

There was little I could do to allay that fear. All I could do was wait and pray.

Fortunately, my world is still intact and will be for many, many years to come.

So today, I celebrate the man who supports me, holds my hand, understands even my most irrational of fears, encourages me, lifts me up and loves me anyway.

This is what I wrote for all to see on his fb wall this morning: A VERY Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life, The Protector of the People, The Champion for the Downtrodden, The Rescuer of Strays, The Fixer of Broken Things, The Lover of Ice Cream, The Jeeper’s Jeeper, The True and Loyal Friend, The Doting Grandpa, The Lover of All Things Civil War, The Incurable Romantic, The Grill Master, A True American, The Resident MacGyver at Piney Creek Acres and My Superhero! May your day be filled to overflowing with the love of family and friends. And when it winds down, come home to dinner and dessert. There’ll be ICE CREAM! & Presents. xo ❤

Obviously, there’s way more to him than that, but I’d have been there all day, if I didn’t just hit the highlights.

Considering the fact that he is my Superhero, along with his admiration of Superman, I was inspired to create a treasure box for him. I’ve tucked his other gifts inside it.

It began as a discarded product box and became this:

Superman Trinket Box

I first brushed the top and front of the lid with acrylic ink. I was running out, so I had to come up with a way to cover the sides and give it a more finished look. Washi tape, to the rescue! I then added a knob (Thanks to the Tim Holtz idealogy line) and the Superman clothing tag I’d hung onto for so long.

Superman Trinket Box (detail)

Superman Trinket Box (detail)

Here’s hoping that he likes it as much as I do!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!




Tuesday Trash Bubbles: Think Green!

Next Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day.

This week’s bubble found me thinking a good deal about Earth Day and what it means to Think Green!

Think Green!

Think Green!

Think Green! (BREAK FREE!)


Think Green! (THINK)


Think Green! (GREEN!)


Think Green! (Green by design.)

Green by Design.

Think Green! (trashy goodness)

trashy goodness

Think Green! (Red Hot)

Red Hot trashy goodness

Think Green! (bottom)

bottom view of trashy goodness

If one were to “read” the trash poetry of the bubble, it goes like this: BREAK FREE! THINK GREEN! Green by design. (It’s) RAD… Red Hot!

Onto other Trash…

A special treat arrived in the mail from C. Mehrl Bennett over the weekend. I thought you might enjoy a glimpse…

Fracked Planet by Catherine M. Bennett

Fracked Planet by C. Mehrl Bennett

It must be said that I love the way she incorporated the Global Moon stamp into her piece! Get it? Unless I totally misread this piece, the marble is Earth! I’m fairly certain that this arrived intact, despite being slightly crushed. If there’s something missing, I’m sure C.M.B. will tell us in the comments.

Fracked Planet C.M.B. (back)

Fracked Planet (back)

Bonus bits on the back included the artistamp collab with Matthew Stolte of Madison, WI and MAKE ART NOT CENTS. Gotta love it!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!