Welcome to Trash Bubbles and Life’s Little Bits, one artist’s environmentally conscious journey. My name is Lynn Radford. This blog will follow my creative path through the creation of Trash Bubbles and other Trash Poetry.

I firmly believe that Art is for Everyone! We all have a creation gene in us, whether we acknowledge it and nurture it, or not. My hope is that folks far and wide will take up the reins and create Bubbles of their own, that an awareness of trash as art will grow and spread.

An environmentally conscious collage artist, I am always on the lookout for colorful bits to use in my artwork. The bright pink thingamabob I picked up in the street might well become central in one of my Bubbles. The possibilities are as endless as imagination itself!

The Studio at Piney Creek Acres is where I Live, Love, Laugh and Create! Join me on my journey!


10 thoughts on “About

    • Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment… It got lost over here, as I didn’t know comments could be left on this page. Thank you for your sweet words of support! May God bless you and yours! 😀

  1. I see comments can be left on this page … and since I found you here — I’d like to compliment you on such a wonderful theme: environmentally conscious Trash Bubbles and other colorful bits. Yes, “Sky is the limit….” Cheers!

    • Thank you, Dan! Trash Bubbles were my answer to DKs IUOMA group, All Things Trashpo. They became a creature all their own. Creating them brings me as much joy as do traditional collage compositions and flash fiction. Thanks ever so, for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Hi Lynn. I received your card this weekend & love it. I am also a “trash lover,” having made jewelry, paper quilts & more out of recycled stuff. Why buy supplies when you can find them?! I appreciate all the work that went into your creative piece……and am inspired by it.

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