Banana Hat Lands in New Mexico!

The Banana Hat.

It took months to create…

And then it was off…

That’s when I realized that I’d neglected to take pics of it!

Good old David Stafford to the rescue!

Rear Admiral Len Bumeister (David Stafford)

When the first thoughts of a Banana Hat for David Stafford (born at IUOMA’s Bananas Group and greatly encouraged by Dean Marks, Artist in Seine) were flying through my brain, I’d no idea what might come of it, if anything.

Understandably then, this went far beyond anything I ever could have imagined! David has a most amazing sense of humor which blends effortlessly with his performance-like photographs.

The word play was a particular delight!

The Admiral's Demented Daughter (David Stafford)

Thank you, David! Many thanks to Rear Admiral Len Bumeister and his demented daughter, as well!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!