Life’s Little Bits: Happy Cyber Week!

Happy Cyber Week!

This post replaces the Monday Morning Mail Art Call.

But WAIT! Don’t be disappointed!

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Our regularly scheduled programming will return next week….

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


My Wild and Crazy World: Getting Ready for Black Mountain School


Happy Saturday Morning!

I’m popping in with an announcement… This past week got crazy, what with all of the preparations for my upcoming trip to BMS (Black Mountain School.) I don’t anticipate the coming week will be any better, as I leave this coming Friday.

That said, Friday Dada posts are on hold until further notice. The next several weeks’ Monday Morning Mail Art Call (MMMAC) posts have been scheduled, so there’s no interruption there. I will do my best to resume the Tuesday Trash Bubble posts after having skipped this week, hoping to build Trash Bubbles at BMS and share them with you all.

In addition, I will be posting from BMS about all manner of things, including my experiences as I go. I will also be posting shorter blurbs and pictures on my facebook artist page: If you are friends with me on facebook, there will be status updates, too.

Just this week, I launched my Patreon artist page and will also be posting about BMS there. I will share more about my Patreon at a later date.

Each of these venues will receive different posts, so you might want to check ’em all so as not to miss any of the BMS excitement!

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU!!! to everyone who helped to make this trip to BMS a reality for me! To those of you who shared my Go Fund Me, ( ) contributed to it, and those who offered words of encouragement and support… I truly could not have done it without you. You are ROCK STARS to me! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me!


Why You Should Read Your Friend’s Blog

Today, I have chosen to share a very worthwhile post with all of you. You would think that the premise of the post is common sense and you’d be right, but you’d also be surprised at the attitude of many folks you call, “friend” if you had a blog.

Time is a valuable commodity and most folks think that investing that commodity in their friend’s endeavors (blogs, art, writing, sports, etc.) unless they coincide with some interest of their own, is a waste of time.

Please take the time to read and share.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

We all have that friend that writes stuff on the internet. I think they call it “blogging” or some new trendy name like that. Kids these days and their need for self-expression.

Source: Why You Should Read Your Friend’s Blog

From the Heart


Today is my husband’s birthday.

It’s a pretty big deal to me because a year ago, I was terrified that he wouldn’t make it to his next birthday.

No, he wasn’t ill. I just had this irrational fear that he would die much like my father did, without reaching his 61st birthday.

There was little I could do to allay that fear. All I could do was wait and pray.

Fortunately, my world is still intact and will be for many, many years to come.

So today, I celebrate the man who supports me, holds my hand, understands even my most irrational of fears, encourages me, lifts me up and loves me anyway.

This is what I wrote for all to see on his fb wall this morning: A VERY Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life, The Protector of the People, The Champion for the Downtrodden, The Rescuer of Strays, The Fixer of Broken Things, The Lover of Ice Cream, The Jeeper’s Jeeper, The True and Loyal Friend, The Doting Grandpa, The Lover of All Things Civil War, The Incurable Romantic, The Grill Master, A True American, The Resident MacGyver at Piney Creek Acres and My Superhero! May your day be filled to overflowing with the love of family and friends. And when it winds down, come home to dinner and dessert. There’ll be ICE CREAM! & Presents. xo ❤

Obviously, there’s way more to him than that, but I’d have been there all day, if I didn’t just hit the highlights.

Considering the fact that he is my Superhero, along with his admiration of Superman, I was inspired to create a treasure box for him. I’ve tucked his other gifts inside it.

It began as a discarded product box and became this:

Superman Trinket Box

I first brushed the top and front of the lid with acrylic ink. I was running out, so I had to come up with a way to cover the sides and give it a more finished look. Washi tape, to the rescue! I then added a knob (Thanks to the Tim Holtz idealogy line) and the Superman clothing tag I’d hung onto for so long.

Superman Trinket Box (detail)

Superman Trinket Box (detail)

Here’s hoping that he likes it as much as I do!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!




When the Universe Aligns….

What to do when an opportunity lands in your lap? When the gap between said opportunity and your ability to seize it seems as wide and as deep as the Grand Canyon itself? When you cannot possibly fathom how you might make the impossible happen?

You DO NOT, as I nearly did, throw in the towel and say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

You sleep on it. You re-group. You approach your close friends, confidants and mentors. You brain-storm. You take a leap of faith. You dare to believe that you might be worth the opportunity at hand and that others might feel the same.

You embrace the stomach that is doing flip flops. You reassure the inner critic that says, “What if you fail?” even though you know it might well be right. You set aside your pride and you LEAP!

At least, that’s what I did this week.

You might already have heard that on Thursday night, I received my official acceptance to join Black Mountain School in its first inaugural session this May.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.37.49 PM

When I sent in my application, I was serious about it, but stated therein, that if I did not receive scholarship, I would not be able to go.

Imagine my surprise at receiving an acceptance letter after learning that the scholarships had all been awarded!

After the initial shock wore off and I began thinking realistically, I felt defeated. I had been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not possibly afford to accept. I very nearly declined within a few hours of hearing the news.

Instead, I had such a headache from crunching numbers and reviewing obligations and schedules, that I went to bed, telling myself that I would deal with it in the morning.

It was the best decision I could have made at the time, for everything looks better in the light of a new day, especially when you have friends.

Encouraged by close friends (you know who you are!) to do whatever was necessary, I set my pride aside and set out to create a Go Fund Me campaign. My knee jerk reaction to the idea had been, “No, I can’t put my hand out!” But something my mentor said took hold and I remembered something my father said to me years ago, “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.” Thanks, Dad. 🙂

Although I was now on board with the idea, I still wasn’t comfortable asking for help without offering something in return. It took a little while to figure out how I might give back, but once I did, there was no stopping the train as it picked up speed.

In thanks, everyone who contributes, no matter the amount, will receive a signed 8.5 x 5.5 print of an artwork of my choosing by mail. I am currently trying to decide which piece to print.

All of the details, including what this is and why it is so important to me, can be found in the link below. If you can see your way toward contributing, know that you have my sincere gratitude and I hope the Universe smiles upon you. If you can find it in your heart to share this among your friends, family, coworkers, etc., know that you have my sincere thanks as well, for THAT is as important as if you had contributed yourself.

To be completely honest, this journey I have embarked upon is slightly terrifying. I could really use your prayers, good vibes, thoughts and well-wishes. Thank you all in advance!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


Is The Road To Hell Really Paved With Good Intentions?

The past six months have been more difficult for me than I ever could have realized. It all began with the loss of my mother last July and the grief spiraled out of control. Every attempt at trying to resume my regular routine was met with anguish and resistance. It was futile to keep trying, or so I thought.

Creating in any form became impossible. I couldn’t find within the peace I needed to settle down with my supplies, or even a pen and paper. October saw my lame attempt fall flat in my fulfillment of a commitment for the Retro Café Art Gallery 2015 Tombstone Swap. My heart just wasn’t in it. If you haven’t already seen it, you can read that last blog post here:

My friend, Jill, began a new blog in November. She hosts  and invites fellow creatives to guest blog weekly. Her idea is this, “You-R-Here… So, interact with your environment and the people surrounding you.” I was excited when she asked me to participate. At the same time, I was scared to death. What could I have to offer in my state of grief and confusion? I forced myself to contribute in order to try to get myself out of… well, out of myself, I guess. It seemed I was only able to work up a short piece every two weeks, but that was more than I was able to produce otherwise.

My light, my joy, during these dark days was my grandson, Noah. His smile, his happy chatter, his child-like wonder pulled me from within and let me be light and free when we were together. Thankfully, I can count on a dose of Noah at least twice weekly.

A conversation with a Dear Aunt helped to release me from a great deal of the negativity I’d been harboring since my mother’s passing. My Aunt helped me to put it all into perspective, to show me the light at the end of the tunnel that my blinders had hidden from my view. For that, I am more grateful than you could ever imagine.

And so… I managed not only to “get through” the holidays, but to find some level of comfort and enjoyment in them. I looked forward to the New Year, as many of us do, as a fresh start. I vowed to get back into the studio (which had become the place to toss junk and store miscellaneous stuff out of sight these last few months) to sort, organize and just spend time there. My hope was that in so doing, I would eventually be inspired to begin creating once again.

Today is the 19th of January. I have made some progress in the sorting and organizing department. The biggest change I made was to hang the twinkle lights I’d been meaning to hang for two years! They are finally off the floor and out of my way, providing ambiance the way I’d intended.

Houston, we have twinkle lights!

Most importantly, I AM inspired. I have begun creating in small ways. Yesterday, I launched a new mail art project that is helping to get another large thing off my floor and out the door, whilst allowing me to be creative and introspective all at once. Look for more on that later this week because I finally feel that I can return to my twice weekly blogging schedule.

In addition, I am writing again, creatively. I was so happy about this development that I committed to the 10th Annual Short Story Challenge. It promises to be an exhilarating creative boost. The first leg of the challenge begins at midnight on January 22nd. Registration is open though the 21st in case you think you might be interested in participating.

If you’ve ever experienced a creative block of any kind, you know how monumental this all is. So, to answer the question I posed as this post’s title… NO! The road to Hell is not paved with good intentions. The road back to self, however, is. I’d intended to make more progress by this time, but I am happy with the fact that I am moving forward, I am embracing the life I am meant to live despite my heartache and the healing is happening.

Thank you, all of you! On the rare day that I even looked at my blog, I was encouraged to see that you had kept checking in despite my absence. Your faith in me, when I’d so little in myself, gave me hope. For that, I am immensely grateful. There would be no blog without you folks who care to catch a glimpse inside my crazy world!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Three Ways to Nourish Your Soul

If you’re anything like me, a creative soul living in the real world, achieving and maintaining peace and balance in your life is difficult. Let’s face it, the real world is a mess and our lives reflect and multiply that in many ways.

As I travel along my path, I keep my eyes open for possibility and sometimes I find true gems as my reward.

One such gem came to me through a network of creative women who took me in and gave me wings. April Cole runs a group on facebook called, The Studio – artist lounge. The group is a closed one, but genuine souls in search of healing through art can be added from time to time. This February, she added a healing art therapy component to the group and it promises to be an amazing journey. It takes a commitment to self and peers that some may not currently possess, but if this sounds like something you can embrace and follow through with, I invite you to request an invitation to join. There are introspective, artistic exercises each month, not to mention a very supportive network of artists of all levels.

Melody Ross and the Brave Girls Club Team are a loving, nurturing group whose mission is to spread love and art. If you’ve never heard of them, you should definitely check them out. ( Their Soul Restoration courses are deep and thought provoking with an unrivaled healing component. This month, Melody released a free course, “The Thing About Love.” ( I promise that it threatens to tear down the walls of those hard core, societal ideas about love, replacing them with TRUTH. A lesson we all need to learn and/or be reminded of.

Most recently, I received an invitation from Carrie Brummer (of to join in on her free webinar, How to Draw and Color a Mandala, on Wednesday, March 4th. She released this video as a means of invitation and introduction: I’m in! You ought to join us! Use this link to reserve your spot:

Looking forward to spending the remainder of the day in the studio!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!