Spooky Happenings at the Studio

Returning from a dry spell, during which my mother passed away… It’s been difficult to find my way back, but persistence is key. I let the season and a deadline inspire me. This is what transpired….

Retro Café Art Gallery held the 2015 Tombstone Swap. I didn’t want to miss out so I set to work…

Humble beginnings

I always make a set to swap and a set for myself. The results looked like this…


The Twins, Hazel and Penelope Poison

The Twins, Hazel and Penelope Poison

Bat Juice

Great Grandpa Hubert and his Bride

Great Grandpa Hubert and his Bride

Kristin, at RCAG, always gets the most flattering pics of my Tombstones…

RCAG pic of my 2015 Tombstones

The swap has concluded and these are the Tombstones I received from Linda Morgan: http://purplecatcards.blogspot.com/ Kay Pierce, Rebekka Reinsch and Gerri Herbst: http://gerriherbst.blogspot.com/. The cat is an adorable magnet from Kristin… such a sweetheart, she always tosses in a handmade gift!

2015 Tombstones Received

Thank you to everyone who missed my posts and routinely checked in. I felt the love.

I’m off to clean windows and stock firewood!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!