In the Mail: Around the World and to My Door!

These past few weeks have kept me so occupied with creating icads and sending out mail art (not to mention spending time with the grand-baby and vacationing!) that I have had no time to blog about the wonderful things I’ve found in the mail!

Let’s have a go now…

This piece, from David Stafford, tells the tale of Mrs. Mortadella. (Please do, enlarge to read!) I cannot help but wonder… Sophia Palumba and Mrs. Mortadella have the same… What? Do I wait for another installment? Or… Should I write the next one?

From John Held Jr.

Everything from John Held arrived perforated! Love it! The artistamp sheet rocked my world! I could stare at it for hours on end and still see something I had not seen previously.


Mary Grellner sent this cache. The monochromatic photo was cool, but the collage was my favorite element.

Giovanni and Renata Stradada

Giovanni and Renata StradaDA surprised me with this envelope of Cavellini tribute goodies!


Hidden inside a relatively plain mailing envelope from Larry Marotta was this collaged packet, whose metro fortune tells me that a refreshing change is in my future! Hmmm… Does Larry know something I don’t? Time will tell….

Whatever I did to garner two pieces from David Stafford in the span of a month, I hope I do it again! (Please be sure to enlarge to read!) Mr. Stafford informs me that this is the piece I requested… I am thoroughly befuddled!


Dan Mouer got my attention when he sent me a redux of my Observations in Orange! Boy, that piece has really gotten around!


This packing tape collage from Jon Foster made me smile! When WILL toupees look real? Indeed!


Sheri Rice’s collaged postcard put me in a thoughtful mood… What do you want to do today? Hmmm….


Guido Vermeulen never ceases to delight me with his envelopes! The contents aren’t too shabby either!


What a fun collage this was from Adrienne in CanadaDA!


Oooops! I almost forgot about the lovely piece of scented mail art from the Elgin Mansion! DK latched onto my love of patchouli and Oh! Boy! She also awarded me with my hippie girl name… Lynn Starfire Radford. My nose is still twitching!

Thanks to all for brightening my days and providing relief from bills and junk mail!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


ICAD 2014 Week 3!

Today is June 24th. That means that in order to be caught up with my ICADs, I must have a total of 24 completed by the end of this post!

Let’s see how I did, shall we?

Day 16 found me using an index card on which I had randomly swiped extra paint off my brush….

A Symphony in Lime and Grape Day 16

A Symphony in Lime and Grape Day 16

Day 17 was a washi tape day!

Measure Twice, Cut Once? Day 17

Measure Twice, Cut Once? Day 17

On Day 18, I played with leftover canvas scraps and punched circles.

Playing With Shapes Day 18

Playing With Shapes Day 18

Day 19 similarly used canvas scraps and punched circles to a different effect.

Polka Dot Bounce Day 19

Polka Dot Bounce Day 19

On Day 20, I used a previously collaged scrap and added a cut-out.

Shadow of a Girl Day 20

Shadow of a Girl Day 20

Day 21 found me playing with circular ink pads… I truly can’t escape circles for long!

Whorls Away Day 21

Whorls Away Day 21

On Day 22, I was again playing with canvas scraps and punched circles.

Shades of Black and White Day 22

Shades of Black and White Day 22

On Day 23, I had some fun with blue gingham!

Bouncing Blue Gingham Dream Day 23

Bouncing Blue Gingham Dream Day 23

Say what?! Day 24? Yepperoonies! I did it!

Day 24 was a combination of ink and punched circles.

Plaid 'N Simple Day 24

Plaid ‘N Simple Day 24

Next week might find me lagging once again, but for now, I am caught up!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

It Never Gets Old!

GreenCraft at Barnes & Noble

The Winter 2013 issue of GreenCraft magazine, in which my Trash Bubbles! article appears, has hit the newsstands! I found it last Friday night at my local Barnes & Noble Bookseller.

It doesn’t matter how often it happens, I get giddy when I see my name in print. No matter if it’s a piece of fiction or non-fiction, online or hard copy. It never gets old!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!