Dan Landrum’s Digi-Distortions

Recently, I had the honor of crossing paths with a digital designer who enjoys mixing it up. His name is Dan Landrum. You can find him at http://appleeyedesign.com/.

It all began with some scans of mail art I sent out long ago. This piece was sent to Jane Smith in 2012…

Alphabet in the Round No. 2:4 Sent to Jane Smith 2012

Dan played with it and it became this…

riffing_LynnRadford_AlphaRoundIandII_0003 Dan Landrum

He didn’t stop there. Read on to see more before and after photos…

False Faces Front Sent to Val 2012

VinylclocksFalseFacesLynnRadford Dan Landrum

riffing_LynnRadford_FalseFacesFront Dan Landrum


Paper Mache Banana

riffing_LynnRadford_Bananagram Dan Landrum

riffing_LynnRadford_Bananagram02_ArtistinSeine Dan Landrum


Dean Marks, David Stafford, Lynn Radford Banana-gram

riffing_LynnRadford_Bananagram02 Dan Landrum


Consumer Consciousness XII We've Got the Goods!

riffing_LynnRadford_WeveGottheGoods Dan Landrum

What I like most about Dan’s digital renditions is that he is recycling art, creating something new from something old, collaborating with artists and bringing new life to their work. He wastes no supplies in so doing and everything is stored in the ether.

Imitation is said to be the best form of flattery, but I disagree. I believe that the best form of flattery comes when someone is inspired to add to, or manipulate a piece of your work.

Here, Dan uses an old scan of ‘A Study in Blue’ to illustrate my point…

Flattery Dan Landrum

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Banana Landing Recorded in France!

A few of you might recall a February blog post involving Banana Mail. If you have no idea to what I am referring, you can read the post here: https://trashbubblesandlifeslittlebits.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/on-my-desk-go-bananas/

One of the featured pieces I’d prepared to send to a mail art cohort in France was a paper mache banana.

Paper Mache Banana-gram

It took a while to actually get this one moving through the post. In my over-zealousness, I neglected to fill out the proper customs form and was turned away.

The Banana-gram and I pouted a bit, filled out the form and returned to the local post office where a cool postal worker, Jim (Thanks, Jim!) made sure that the Banana-gram would safely make the trip without further ado! (What a guy, that Jim!)

It wasn’t long before the Banana-gram had arrived in Paris! Alas, it had a short wait while the sender was notified and could make the trip to retrieve it….

The following blog post will fill in the details of the story, even going so far as to provide some great photographs of the Banana-gram in its new environment!


See, Jim? I told you it would arrive in one piece!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!