In the Mail: What a Haul!


Just look at all the mail I’ve received since our last ‘In the Mail’ post and you’ll being saying, “WOW!” too.

Arriving in an envelope made from what looks to be a kitschy, glossy magazine page, Amy Irwen’s packing tape transfer/collage was built on a piece cut from a cracker box. ‘The lone weed will tumble thousands of miles.’ It put me in mind of the movie, ‘You’ve Got Mail,’ specifically the scene where Frank is writing a piece about Kathleen’s Shop Around the Corner. He types away… “You are a lone reed, standing tall, waving boldly, in the corrupt sands of commerce.” Thank you, Amy!

Amy Irwen

Reusing an envelope from Google Headquarters, Diane Keys ( mailed me a piece of what she calls, “Toy Trashpo.” It made me smile like only DK’s trashpo can! A sensory delight, it must have been “PRE-PURIFIED” with patchouli because my nose was in Heaven!

Toy Trashpo Diane Keys I

The reverse reveals that the piece was built upon a advertising postcard. Nothing goes to waste in the Elgin Mansion. Thank you, ever so, Diane!

Toy Trashpo Diane Keys II

Folks in Germany produce some phenomenal mail art. This piece is from Funf Blanks ( It appears to be acrylic on a piece of discarded mat board. Great texture here! That reminds me, I have yet to submit to the Angels and Demons mail art call….

5Blanks Germany

The stamps on the back are awesome too!

5Blanks Germany II

Ana Karina sent me this wallet of goodies inside a brightly painted envelope.

Ana Karina I

Opened, it reveals a cool magazine page turned collage/poem, a 10 Yuan note from HELLBANK ONE (LoL!) and a scrap of signatures containing that of ‘EL FAMOSO RIKY McDONALD.’ Thanks, Ana!

Ana Karina II

Speaking of wallets… this one, filled with FLUXUS BUCKS and scented with more patchouli (Yay! Nose twitching!) came from Julie Jefferies. The slide of Leningrad made for a tremendous photo op! I simply loved that the postage was made up of vintage postage stamps! Many thanks to Julie at Fluxus Bucks International!

JJ Ex Posto Facto

Karen Arp-Sandel ( returned a piece to me from FeMail.

FeMail Karen Arp-Sandel I

A pre-printed postcard of a postal collage, the front was nothing in comparison to the back! Karen actually took the time to customize the piece with a bit o’ trash, referencing the piece I’d sent and letting me know she’d taken time to learn a bit about me. Way cool, Karen!

FeMail Karen Arp-Sandel II

Thomas Brown creates some fantastic rubber stamps and this is no exception! The colors aren’t quite true in this photo, but you get the idea. Thanks, Bhomas!

Thomas Brown Everywhere's a Here and There

Gail Anderson used a topographical map to create the envelope in which she sent this unusual collage piece. Layers of doodling, images and tape made this one pop! Thank you, Gail!

Gail Anderson

Last, but not least, Nancy Bell Scott is one of those folks from whom I long to get mail. Her pieces are few and far between, but when they arrive, they are always over-the-top! Check it out… this is the back of the envelope!


She has been working on “glue-less collages” that are small in stature, large in detail. Her note (written on page 110 from an old copy of Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’) tells me “There IS tape.”


‘Conduit’ is comprised of multiple layers creating rich texture. Thanks, Nancy!

Conduit NBS III

That’s all for now. I’ve got to get caught up on a few things before revealing any more!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!






In the Mail: Brazil, Portugal and… Albuquerque?

Never, did I think I’d see a pharaoh from Brazil! Alas, Patricio, The Celestial Scribe sent just that!Celestial Scribe IWith a declaration which reads, “THE PHARAOH DRIVES ME BANANAS!!!”DSC_0727Dare I hope to find banana mail inside?DSC_0728And what a find! It was a dialogue between Llama and Banana! “You drive me bananas!” “You drive me Llamas!” Banana Llama ding dong!DSC_0729Thank you, Patricio, for the highly entertaining Pharaoh, Llama, Banana mail!

From Portugal, Eduardo Cardoso sent an envelope full of goodies!DSC_0730I simply loved the image of the old horse-drawn trolley on the front of the envelope!

The back was graced with rubber stamp images.DSC_0731Check out all the goodies inside!Eduardo Cardoso XA most excellent print was contained within! Love me some gray scale! Overlapping strips give depth and interest in which I could easily become lost! DSC_0732That wasn’t all… a lovely note and a trash book also made the trip! DSC_0733Color exploded when I opened it!DSC_0734Thumbing through the trash pages, I found foreign bits that were comfortingly familiar.DSC_0735Notice that the book is openly declared to be “Authentic DKULT Trash.”DSC_0736Thank you ever so much, Eduardo, for the bountiful mail art!

This piece arrived anonymously from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I could only guess that it was the work of the Amazing David Stafford! It didn’t take long for the confirmation to redeem my suspicions.893099_10203799485730208_7104419925445962266_oThe paint chips alone wouldn’t have explained so much as they did with their color names.

The Tickled Crow will live forever in my repertoire of punny mail art!10256754_10203799481410100_5959849971979574839_oMuch and heartfelt thanks for the amusement, David!

Hope you all enjoyed sharing in the delights of my recent mail box treasures!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!