In the Mail: A Smattering

My mailbox, like most of the others in these United States, is consistently full of junk mail and bills. Is it any wonder that these little gems glowed among their less glamorous counterparts?

A Smattering

Dean Marks sent this interactive piece from France. Notice the little windows opening on the people inside? Sadly, some of them were torn off in transit, but the effect remains.


I love the shots of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night! So much food for the arm-chair traveler in me! 😀


It was an acknowledgement that I had indeed been found out in my attempt at an anonymous mail art mystery. “We Sea it was U,” he said. More about the mystery can be seen here:

Angie Cope was the gal who set out to solve the mystery I proposed. This piece celebrates the Year of the Horse. Her style is so unique that I am able to recognize it from across the room, a mere corner peeking from a stack of mail brought in by my husband.

Angie Cope: Year of the Horse

Angie’s post, asking for assistance to help solve the mystery can be found here:

Mim Scalin has been working on a series of altered postcards. I was lucky to receive one recently.

"Chimney Sweep Kitty was so happy with completing the big job at Biltmore." Mim Scalin

“Chimney Sweep Kitty was so happy with completing the big job at Biltmore.” Mim Scalin

If you know anything about Biltmore, you know that was a huge undertaking for Chimney Sweep Kitty! Mim had no clue as to my personal attachment to Biltmore, or how much the piece would mean to me. This illustrates more of the serendipity mail artists often experience.

Many thanks to all for brightening my mailbox! I’m off to the studio to create some replies to some of this great mail art!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!