Tuesday Trash Bubbles:

Last week, I offered out the E6000 & Duct Tape Trash Bubble as a give-away. It didn’t go over as I had hoped, so I am back to my tried and true method of finding homes for my bubbles… intuitively making and sending.

Today, I offer up a different kind of Trash Bubble. This one is smallish in size and requires no mailing. It is meant as a gift tag, or package topper.

Back in 2013, when GreenCraft magazine published my article on Trash Bubbles! in its winter issue, I showcased several kinds, the gift tag/package topper being one of them. This was the example given in the magazine spread:


FLY is my current example of a Trash Bubble for use as a gift tag/package topper.

FLY (front)

Made from a Tim Holtz idealogy blister pack, I utilized the design on the insert as my background.

FLY (close-up brown bird 2) FLY (close-up orange bird) FLY (close-up blue bird)

The dome-like sections provided the perfect space for nesting birdies and the theme was born. Bits of string, thread and other fibers not useful for any other projects and normally considered trash, were used to construct the “nests.” The birds went into the domes first, followed by the bits. It was tricky to strike the correct balance of bits to support the tiny birds without burying them, or knocking them off-kilter within the domes.

FLY (washi close-up)

Needing to cover up the printed information on the package insert while leaving the design exposed, I used washi tapes that supported my theme. Rubber stamp letters were then used to stamp the title on the piece before I sealed it up.

FLY (back)

The back was painted with black gesso and finished with black washi tape. I am unsatisfied with the insecure closure, so I will eventually go back and strengthen it before using it.

That’s it for today. I hope you’ll consider creating this type of bubble for your next wrapping job. Please share if you do.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Update: Mini Glue Book Round Robin 2014

While the wheels of the world have been turning, I have been busy creating on several different fronts and documenting has taken a back seat.

The Mini Glue Book Round Robin is about to wrap up and it occurs to me that several of the page spreads I created have been sitting in my photo folder, waiting to see the light of day. The wait is over. It is time to let them fly.

Susan Accuosti’s (Steward) Mini Glue Book theme was Tea Time. I went with an Alice in Wonderland style page spread… A Little More Tea?

A Little More Tea?

Red Riding Hood was created for Jackie Davidson’s book whose theme was Story Land.


Finally, Birds of a Feather (my favorite of the bunch) was created for Jill Adamy’s book, whose theme was A Little Birdie Told Me…

Birds of a Feather

I have two more glue books currently in my possession, in various stages of completion. I’m not certain if there are any others left to make their way to me, but I do know that my book, A Bird’s Eye View, is about to find it’s way home.

This collaborative effort has been so much fun, it’s sad to see it come to an end. I wish that we could continue sending them ’round until they were full, but alas, it seems everyone has other commitments and with the holidays fast approaching… well, it just isn’t possible.

That said, my next update will be my last. I will reveal my final two page spreads and showcase all the pages completed in my book by the collaborating artists involved.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


These are the final two page spreads I completed in the Mini Glue Book Round Robin…

A Minnie Pearl Moment was created for

A Minnie Pearl Moment was created for Nancy Baumiller’s book whose theme was Odd Moments.

Rule 8: Be the Queen You Were Meant to Be! was created for Melodee Isaacs book, whose theme was Rules of the Odd Girls Club.

Rule 8: Be the Queen You Were Meant to Be! was created for Melodee Isaacs book, whose theme was Rules of the Odd Girls Club.

Thanks for following our progress through the Zetti-Style Mini Glue Book Round Robin!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!