Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Black and White

Black and white is classically striking in most instances. At the very least, it is crisp in its delineation.

This mail art call asks you to play with black and white, to use it to create something small that visually packs a punch.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Angels and Daemons

Much thought had been given to what I might possibly create for the Angels and Demons mail art call issued by Funf Blanks, Germany.

So much so, that I wrote a piece before my hands got involved.

Somewhere between the dark and light,                                                                               Lines fade and blur wrong and right.                                                                                     Our daemons attack us in the light—                                                                                    No angels can save us from the night.


The simplicity of the image is complemented by the accompanying poetry.

Just goes to show that the end result doesn’t always gel with the initial vision.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Affirmations of a Confident Woman

The White Shadows mail art call has been on my radar for a few months now. Ideas have flitted through my brain, only to be dismissed as “not quite right.”

Over the weekend, inspiration finally took hold and this is what transpired…


‘Affirmations of a Confident Woman’ turned out far better than I ever thought it might.

Christy Tomlinson (Scarlet Lime) developed this cool line of products with Pink Paislee, of which the white printed coffee filter paper is a part. It worked really well for my purposes here. I particularly like the shading that occurred as the gel medium (used to adhere the piece to black card stock) dried. It brought a depth to the piece that I did not expect.

Happy Trash (and Memorial Day!) to you, until we meet again!