My Wild and Crazy World: Getting Ready for Black Mountain School


Happy Saturday Morning!

I’m popping in with an announcement… This past week got crazy, what with all of the preparations for my upcoming trip to BMS (Black Mountain School.) I don’t anticipate the coming week will be any better, as I leave this coming Friday.

That said, Friday Dada posts are on hold until further notice. The next several weeks’ Monday Morning Mail Art Call (MMMAC) posts have been scheduled, so there’s no interruption there. I will do my best to resume the Tuesday Trash Bubble posts after having skipped this week, hoping to build Trash Bubbles at BMS and share them with you all.

In addition, I will be posting from BMS about all manner of things, including my experiences as I go. I will also be posting shorter blurbs and pictures on my facebook artist page: If you are friends with me on facebook, there will be status updates, too.

Just this week, I launched my Patreon artist page and will also be posting about BMS there. I will share more about my Patreon at a later date.

Each of these venues will receive different posts, so you might want to check ’em all so as not to miss any of the BMS excitement!

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU!!! to everyone who helped to make this trip to BMS a reality for me! To those of you who shared my Go Fund Me, ( ) contributed to it, and those who offered words of encouragement and support… I truly could not have done it without you. You are ROCK STARS to me! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me!


When the Universe Aligns….

What to do when an opportunity lands in your lap? When the gap between said opportunity and your ability to seize it seems as wide and as deep as the Grand Canyon itself? When you cannot possibly fathom how you might make the impossible happen?

You DO NOT, as I nearly did, throw in the towel and say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

You sleep on it. You re-group. You approach your close friends, confidants and mentors. You brain-storm. You take a leap of faith. You dare to believe that you might be worth the opportunity at hand and that others might feel the same.

You embrace the stomach that is doing flip flops. You reassure the inner critic that says, “What if you fail?” even though you know it might well be right. You set aside your pride and you LEAP!

At least, that’s what I did this week.

You might already have heard that on Thursday night, I received my official acceptance to join Black Mountain School in its first inaugural session this May.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.37.49 PM

When I sent in my application, I was serious about it, but stated therein, that if I did not receive scholarship, I would not be able to go.

Imagine my surprise at receiving an acceptance letter after learning that the scholarships had all been awarded!

After the initial shock wore off and I began thinking realistically, I felt defeated. I had been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not possibly afford to accept. I very nearly declined within a few hours of hearing the news.

Instead, I had such a headache from crunching numbers and reviewing obligations and schedules, that I went to bed, telling myself that I would deal with it in the morning.

It was the best decision I could have made at the time, for everything looks better in the light of a new day, especially when you have friends.

Encouraged by close friends (you know who you are!) to do whatever was necessary, I set my pride aside and set out to create a Go Fund Me campaign. My knee jerk reaction to the idea had been, “No, I can’t put my hand out!” But something my mentor said took hold and I remembered something my father said to me years ago, “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.” Thanks, Dad. 🙂

Although I was now on board with the idea, I still wasn’t comfortable asking for help without offering something in return. It took a little while to figure out how I might give back, but once I did, there was no stopping the train as it picked up speed.

In thanks, everyone who contributes, no matter the amount, will receive a signed 8.5 x 5.5 print of an artwork of my choosing by mail. I am currently trying to decide which piece to print.

All of the details, including what this is and why it is so important to me, can be found in the link below. If you can see your way toward contributing, know that you have my sincere gratitude and I hope the Universe smiles upon you. If you can find it in your heart to share this among your friends, family, coworkers, etc., know that you have my sincere thanks as well, for THAT is as important as if you had contributed yourself.

To be completely honest, this journey I have embarked upon is slightly terrifying. I could really use your prayers, good vibes, thoughts and well-wishes. Thank you all in advance!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!