Outbound Mail Art: More Consumer Consciousness, Etc.

In a further attempt at catching up on my mail art correspondence, I offer up these four pieces to the postal powers that be…

Consumer Consciousness, Etc.

Three are from my Consumer Consciousness series. The first one, Hallmark of a Savvy Shopper is off to Portugal.

Hallmark of a Savvy Shopper

Hallmark of a Savvy Shopper

Sterilite Expressions will land in Winston Salem, North Carolina. It had an unfortunate meeting with my cat, as evidenced by the upper-left-hand corner chew marks. Both my cat, Zoe, and I think it adds a little something to the piece. (In case you were wondering, it did take her a while to sway me to her way of thinking.)

Sterilite Expressions

Sterilite Expressions

We’ve Got the Goods! is heading to South Africa. I hear the plane ride is insanely long… I wonder how long the post will take?

We've Got the Goods!

We’ve Got the Goods!

This last one was created in the tradition of the Consumer Consciousness pieces (using one label instead of many price stickers) with a friend in mind. She has been (like most of us here in the US) buried under snow for so long that I’m afraid her only recollection of spring colors comes from her own artwork.

Wintering Spring

Wintering Spring

I was just reminded by a mail art cohort that I am behind on my BANANA MAIL ART! I guess that means I need to peel off to the studio and get my yellow on!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

ZALOP! Zalop: Illusory Correspondence Art Exhibit, Atlanta Georgia

The Zalop: Illusory Correspondence Art Exhibit in Atlanta Georgia is now open for viewing at the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery. The show premiered on Saturday, February 15th and will run through March 16, 2014.

ZALOP by Cheryl Penn

What is it?

It is a mail art exhibit curated by Michael Orr and based on nothing in particular.


How can this be?

It has to be about something!

No, not really….


Zalop loosely translated, means nothing. Or as Cheryl Penn of South Africa has translated, “ZALOP means ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, DEFINITELY NOT, NADA, NIX.” She goes on to say, “It is essential this word be said in an emphatic tone.” Read more of Cheryl’s history of Zalop here: http://cherylpenn.com/wpb/?p=2826

It’s roots lie in Fluxus which began in the early sixties and is attributed largely to George Maciunas. Fluxus was an anti-art, anti-commercialism movement from which, much performance art and mail art have sprung forth.

Rudd Jansen, credited for the creation of Zalop, is the man behind IUOMA, the International Union of Mail-Artists. IUOMA is the social networking site for mail artists worldwide. It is also a comprehensive database for mail art. Find IUOMA here: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/

And now, I believe I have brought us full circle at mach speed.


If Zalop! interests you, by all means, you should take in the show!

I daresay, if Zalop! interests you not at all, it is of great necessity that you attend!

If you are local, check out the show in person. It’s FREE to the public.

Should you be unable to see the show in person, you can check out the opening video at Art Relish: http://artrelish.com/

Or link directly to the opening video by Jason Parker here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eji0y9UmszM

In the tradition of ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ I have managed to make much of nothing at all. I hope you have enjoyed it, been enlightened, or inspired.


Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!