Monday Morning Mail Art Call: FREEDOM

Last week, I featured an international mail art call on the subject of LOVE. This week, our MMMAC (Monday Morning Mail Art Call) deals with another oft elusive principle, FREEDOM.
As Americans, our country was founded on the premise that simple FREEDOMS are the right of everyone. Our forefathers fought for Freedom from oppression, Freedom from taxation and Freedom of religion, just to name a few.
In the United States, we have come to take FREEDOM in all forms for granted. We go about our daily routines relatively unconcerned for our own personal FREEDOM, unless some political or journalistic agenda brings us to question it. Even more rarely do we pause to consider the FREEDOM of other peoples from around the world.
“FREEDOM” Mail Art Call!
“…To live like a tree alone and free,
and like a forest in brotherhood… Nazım Hikmet Ran”
“Artists Without Borders” invites all artists to participate at AWB’s 3rd International Mail Art project and exhibition.
Theme: “FREEDOM”
Size: Free
Technique: Free (but no audio, video or perishable material)
Deadline: 12 September 2016
Exhibition: 23-29 September 2016
Exhibition Place: Riverside Studios
*Online Documentation!
-No Jury; No Fees; No Return.
-All artwork must be sent by snail mail only. No artworks sent by email will be accepted.
-Please, remember to add the title, your name, address and email, etc., in each artwork.
Send your artworks to:
AWB C/O Riverside Studios
130A North Main Street,
Ste. Genevieve MO 63670 USA
For more information and your questions:
Please, remember to visit our Facebook Page!
Here are the links for the photos of our former mail art projects, themed “Green” and “Water”; May 2013 & 2014; KargArt, Istanbul.……
*Sponsored by Riverside Studios*
Special thanks to:
Ayse Turemis
Gallery Saint Louis
Jen Cunningham
Today, I urge you to take time to consider the simple, yet complicated principle of FREEDOM… yours and that of others. If you are so moved, or inspired, please create a piece for this mail art call.
Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Brave Girls Birdies

Several years ago, I took a leap of faith and invested in myself. By this, I mean that I got up the courage and the funds to participate in Soul Restoration as taught by Melody Ross and the Brave Girls Club. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

BGC Soul Restoration

Try as I might, I don’t remember how I stumbled on Brave Girls, or how I heard about Soul Restoration. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I said, “YES!” I stepped out in faith and was rewarded with a new view of myself and the world at large.

BGC What Matters Most

To this day, I carry with me the lessons I learned and the joy that I found on that journey.

BGC Live A Brave Life

My series of birdies grew out of that period of self-discovery. As near and dear to me as the wings of my own heart, these birdies exemplify the Truth, the Freedom, the Diversity and the Courage that Brave Girls instilled in me.

A Little Bird Told Me...Worthy

It is no wonder then, that I continue to share my fine feathered creations with the Brave Girls Club. Each new birdie I create is submitted faithfully for inclusion in the Brave Girls Daily Truth emails. These uplifting and encouraging emails are delivered daily to subscribers. They support and uphold the Brave Girls teachings, providing little bits of inspiration and reminders of the fundamental truths we tend to forget.

Tall Bird-Curly TailDSC_0508

My birdies have become, by extension, a symbol of those truths. I am extremely grateful to Kathy Wilkins and the rest of the Brave Girls team for their support and encouragement. Just yesterday, I received an email letting me know that another of my birdies was to appear in that evening’s Daily Truth. Within, Kathy extended a compliment to me and it touched me deeply. It reminded me that we all crave validation and approval. Sometimes we actually get it.

DSC_0955Follow Your Bliss

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. It grows wings of its own and spreads like the fire of a phoenix, sharing messages of renewal and rebirth.

Woodland Jewel

In that spirit, I encourage you to check out the Brave Girls Club. Sign up for their Daily Truth emails. (Little Butterfly is a similar email subscription for girls and teens.)  Take a peek into their classes and all the wonderful things they are up to these days. You won’t be disappointed and you might just be inspired!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!