Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow

This weeks MMMAC was inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.




Theme:“YESTERDAY – TODAY – TOMORROW” (inspired by Albert Einstein)

All technique (Photographs, snail mail , collages, poems, visual poems, paintings, grafiti, prints, digital images, article, story, all visual artwork or literary work)

Size / Format: 10x15cm

Work number unlimited – No jury – No fee -No return

Note: All works will be displayed on this website

Exhibition: All participants will be informed about the date and place of the exhibition.

After the event, all works will be included in the permanent collection of „ŠTIFLA“ Art Gallery.

Catalogue: All works will be presented in the catalogue, which will be emailed to every participant. Catalogue will be published by Art School Štifla
Please include your name and last name, country, e-mail, address

Deadline: 21 November 2017


Send to:

Promenada 49,
22000 Sremska Mitrovica

I’m inspired! How about you?

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Kurt Schwitters

Do you have a favorite mail artist in history?

I do!

Can you guess who it might be?

If you’re creating, sending and receiving mail art, but have never looked into its history or its principal players of years gone by, this call might entice you to do so.

Boy, oh boy! I was so glad to see the English translation for this one! My high school German isn’t very sharp these days.

Look up Kurt and his collages… I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If you really like his style, like I do, maybe you’ll be inspired to create a piece for the call. You have plenty of time. Deadline is December 16, 2017.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Monday Morning Mail Art Call: David Bowie

When David Bowie passed away I saw many artists take to their craft to mourn his loss and celebrate his life. Is it no wonder then, that he might be memorialized in a mail art call?

Theme: David Bowie – the man, his music and his songs.

Technique/Media: All techniques e.g. drawing, painting, printmaking, photographs, collages, (visual) poems, graffiti etc.

Size/Format: Any size up to A4 preferred as easier to scan images but pieces larger than A4 also accepted.

Work number unlimited – No jury – No fee – No return

All works will be displayed here on the Positively Postal website –

Racist, violent and pornographic artworks will not be exhibited.

Please include your full name, country, email and address.

Deadline: All participants who send in mailart to arrive before 30th June 2017 will be entered into a draw to win a David Bowie stamp presentation pack – one name will be picked at random. Mailart can however be sent in up until July 31st 2017.

Please send to:

Positively Postal
David Bowie Mailart
P.O. Box 477
U.K. TW3 9HD

The deadline is July 31, 2017, but I’m shooting for the early deadline of June 30, 2017, so I can be eligible for the David Bowie stamp presentation pack drawing. Otherwise, I confess, I’m gonna have to purchase those gorgeous stamps!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Monday Morning Mail Art Call: ROCO Tenth Annual 6×6

Welcome to the return to the Monday Morning Mail Art Call posts.

This week, I present to you a quick deadline for the upcoming Tenth Annual Rochester Contemporary Art Center’s small art phenomenon 6×6. All entries must be received by April 16th!

There are a few reasons that I like this call. First, the size! It’s not often that mail artists work in squares, 6×6 is a fun size, even though it will cost a bit more to mail. I also like that this is an exhibit and sale to benefit contemporary art programming. I don’t live in Rochester, New York, but that I might contribute to their programming from where I live is appealing to me. I also like the way this sale is executed. The works are anonymous, signed only on the back, so folks are buying for the art, not who made it. You sign and include identifying info. on the back. All pieces are priced at $20 no matter whether it was created by an elementary student or a person of some fame. I always have loved a good mystery!

Submit a 6×6 art piece, any medium, signed on the back only, for exhibit and sale to benefit RoCo. “All proceeds benefit Rochester Contemporary Art Center. This is a fun initiative that brings together a diverse group of people. It is also an important fundraiser that enables thoughtful contemporary art programming.”

You can find all of the juicy details and entry form here: and here: Also find the event on fb here:

For those of you who will wish to send your piece as organic mail art, (naked, without benefit of an envelope) my suggestion is to shrink the entry form and glue it to the lower left hand corner of the piece, leaving space to address and post.

Go make art!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Life’s Little Bits: Happy Cyber Week!

Happy Cyber Week!

This post replaces the Monday Morning Mail Art Call.

But WAIT! Don’t be disappointed!

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Our regularly scheduled programming will return next week….

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


Monday Morning Mail Art Call: FeMail-XX Project

My sincere apologies to those who look forward to the MMMAC posts on Monday mornings. I have been overwhelmed the last several weeks and dropped the ball.

This week, I am attempting to return to our regularly scheduled programming.

A very dear mail art cohort, Sinclair Scripa, has taken a leap and ventured out into the wide world of specialized mail art projects. She has not seen the response she had hoped for and needs a boost. As I deem it a worthy pursuit, I am bringing you the details in hopes that you will help to make this project a success! Thanks in advance!

***Please note that the work submitted for this call will be featured at least TWO EXHIBITIONS beginning in August 2017.

Deadline: July 1, 2017 And since we’ve got so much time, you could submit multiple times! Spread the word!

A brief word about the project from the project coordinator, Sinclair Scripa: “I make poems and things from the anagrammatical use of the word WASTE. Women Art Scientist came from that. By Women Art Scientist,  I mean to say that we are women, using art in conceptual/non-commodified art practices as a scientific process to encounter the existential and to explore truth, reality and life’s mysteries. We are Women Art Scientists involved in a process of exploration, whose explorations leave documentations or evidence.”

Details as promised:

FeMail-XX Project photo

#FeMailXXProject‘s First Art Call
Women Art Scientist’s Testament ExplorationsART CALL REQUIREMENTS1. POST-CARDS ONLY or Stapled Fold-Outs (w/ stamps&address on opposite side) tryptychs are optimal. Any size or media.
2. ORIGINAL WORK of: thoughtful interpretation of an actual FeMail-XX-Artist (past, or present), accessible to the viewer.
3. VISIBLY WRITE “WomenArtScientistTestamentExploration” on the art-work, AND “your last name-XX ” (ex: Scripa-XX ).
4. ADDRESS and send via mail-post to: “FeMailXX-Call1 ” WomenArtScientistTestamentExploration”; #803 TownFarmRoad;
….Ludlow, Vermont; USA #05149
5. SEND NO LATER THAN: July 1st, 2017.
6. SEE YOUR DOCUMENTATION AT: & facebook@femailxxproject

NO REJECTIONS -NO RETURNS / ONLINE DOCUMENTATION/ 2Shows2017: CastletonUniversity Vt- Oct + SVAC Gallery VT -Aug

‎*FeMailXX Project is an art initiative and ongoing project designed to promote the work(s) of FeMail-XX Art(ists) Globally; especially women that are presently working in conceptual-visual-art domains which include but are not limited to: postdada, postfluxus, interMEDIAperformance, imMEDIAte-networked and postal-correspondence. The project will make active art calls to living contemporary artists that intends to look anew at the FeMailXX artists of the past as well as relooking at the FemailXx Condition of the present. Art work that is sent into the calls will become part of an ever growing body of INTENTIONAL-XX work and as such will continue to be shown in various formats in Universities, museums, galleries and alternative spaces… each time making a larger impact and reaching a bigger audience. The Projects Mission to Promote FeMailXX Art(ists) will XXplore, XXhume, XXamine, XXpose, XXhibit and XXpound XX artists and work(s) will be done not only via exhibition-representation, but also via research and writting that will be conducted primarily through participation in Surveys, Questionaires, Interviews and Documentation gathered from willing XX participants on the FeMail-XX Project WixSite .
Please become a subscriber and active participant there. Your information and documentation will lead to analysis and dissertation, journal articles, publicity and bigger and better venues for shows & recognition. Please Support This Effort!”

If you have any questions about your entry or the project, you can email the project coordinator at
Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Thursday Special Edition

This Special Thursday Edition of the MMMAC was created to include a great little project that I just learned about tonight. The deadline is looming fast for this one!  September 25th!

Find all pertinent details below….


I am reaching out for your help with an art project that is related to politics/government…

Connect-the-Dots is an organization dedicated to the de-construction, examination, and re-imagination of “social constructs.” Visit for the full picture of what we do.

This year, our programming is examining the idea of “government.” We are asking questions like, why do we need a government? Is our government living up to its ideals? Why do we have such a divisive two-party system? What other forms of government exist? What is personal autonomy? What are your feelings on “the issues?” How has the government affected YOU?

We are looking at “government” through lectures, workshops, conversation, and the arts. One component of that examination is an installation piece created through “Mail Art.”

Mail Art was started as part of the Fluxus movement of the 1960’s. “Fluxus artists did not agree with the authority of museums to determine the value of art, nor did they believe that one must be educated to view and understand a piece of art. Fluxus not only wanted art to be available to the masses, they also wanted everyone to produce art all the time. It is often difficult to define Fluxus, as many Fluxus artists claim that the act of defining the movement is, in fact, too limiting and reductive.” – The Art Story

We are inviting all humans to contribute to this “Mail Art” installation, regardless of artistic experience. We are hoping to get a wide range of perspectives, and your voice is important!
Please pass this on to your friends, family, community.

All the technical information you need to participate and info on when and where this will be shown is here:

Details from the website link above:


The project we are asking you to participate in is based on an artistic movement started in the 60’s by a group of artists called Fluxus; this movement is called Mail Art.

Mail Art can draw many parallels to the democratic system; from its large-scale social element to its economy driven fight. The first, showing that 1.) there is strength in numbers, 2.) many little ants can build a strong wall when they work together, and 3.)  that people count no matter their geographical location; and the latter proves that art (i.e culture) can be of the masses, not only of the elite.

We are asking artists who consider themselves artists and also those who don’t to help us draw and build this wall.

The Technicalities:

A rectangular thick paper (like watercolor paper for example, or cardstock, if it’s too thin USPS will not mail it) with dimensions of 4″ x 6″

On one side draw a vertical line slightly off centered towards the right. To the right of it, underlined, you will write the following address:


P.O. BOX 408951



On the other side you will create your art piece, it can be a doodle, a painting, a drawing, a collage, anything else that is flat that you can think of.

Here are some questions to think of when creating your piece:

– Is the government living up to its ideals and/or our expectations, and if not, why?

 – What, in your opinion, would help our current situation?

 – What direction do you see the country heading in the next elections?

 – What do you think about the people who represent us (as a country)? How does the rest of the world view us?

 – How does the government affect your life?

 –  Why do we have such a divisive two-party system?

 –  What are “the issues”  you care about, and how does that affect your perception of government?

 –  Do capitalism and democracy work well together?

 –  What could we learn from other forms of government?

 –  What does a re-imagining of government look like to you?

When you are done, drop it in the mail box. Here we will connect all the postcards that we receive and hang them as a wall or curtain, so that both sides can be seen.

Please send postcards before September 25th, 2016.

The Event:

If you live in Chicago or will be around during these dates, please come see the final piece and enjoy a night of music, human connections, good conversation and maybe some dancing, all surrounding these subject that need so much revision from all of us who get affected by it but feel like we don’t have a voice, WE DO!

The event will take place at:

Hairpin Art Center

2810 N Milwaukee Ave,

Chicago IL 60618

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

If you have any other questions or want to get in touch with us you can email us at or friend us on facebook at Connect-the-Dots.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Bicycle and Tourism Mail Art

Happy Monday Morning!

I have just returned from a late summer mini-vacation. A few days at the lake does wonders to restore!

This week’s MMMAC is a call for Bicycle and Tourism mail art. Read the details below…

“ Bicycle and Tourism”
Theme: Tourism, Travel, Tour with Bicycle
Technique/Media: Photographs, emails, cartoons, collages, poems, visual poems, paintings, grafiti, prints, digital images, article, story, all visual artwork or literary work.
Size/ Format: Free
No jury, No fee, No return.
Note:  All works will be displayed on this website
Exhibition: All works will be exhibit at Balıkesir University
Please include your name and last name, country, e-mail, address
Deadline: 15 October 2016
Send to: Assist. Prof. Dr. Sabriye ÇELİK UĞUZ
    Balıkesir University
    Burhaniye Uygulamalı Bilimler Y.O.
    Örentepe- Burhaniye 10700 Balıkesir / Turkey

I can think of many interpretations for this one, some simple, others more complicated… I hope it inspires you to come up with something to send along. October 15th is only a little more than a month away!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Brothers Grimm

Happy Monday Morning to you all! I trust that you have been having a delightful summer! I know you haven’t heard from me in many moons… my life has been a whirlwind these last few months. It is now settling enough that I can promise a regular return to the MMMAC posts and other posts as I am able. My hope is to catch you all up to speed over the next several weeks. Thanks for sticking around!

The mail art wheel has continued to spin… by that I mean that there have been lots of interesting mail art calls issued while I was away. I cannot catch us up to speed on all of them, but you’ll find two calls in today’s post.

The first mail art call is quite inspiring, to me anyway… I mean, who doesn’t love a fairy tale? And the Brothers Grimm… their tales are some of the best ever written! You have some time to work on this one, as the deadline is October 15, 2016.

The bonus mail art call for today has no deadline. Laurence Gillot invites you to surprise him and in return he promises to surprise you! Sounds like a good deal to me!

It feels good to be back! Thanks again, for sticking around!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!



Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Pubs and Alcohol

A few months ago, I came across a mail art call issued by Stories From The Pub:

The Pubs and Alcohol call is open-ended, which can be good and bad. I prefer a deadline, as it forces me to get something out. No deadline gives more breathing room, but I tend to forget about an open-ended call because there’s no urgency. How do you feel? Do you prefer a deadline?

Here are the details for the Pubs and Alchohol call:

I would like to announce the commencement of my very own Mail Art exhibit. Starting now, and ongoing indefinitely, I will post photos or scanned images onto my blog of any Mail Art that is sent to me provided that it relates to the theme of “Pubs and Alcohol”. This could be a postcard made from a collage of beer labels, a poem written about vineyards, entertaining tastings notes, or a drawing of a pub on an envelope. The possibilities are endless! Those who send me art can expect a suitable response.

My mailing address is:

Stories From The Pub
7770 McLennan Road
Vernon BC
V1B 3S7

It reminded me of a similar call for an exhibit a year or so ago by Fleur Helsingor of Oakland, California. Back then, the Pennsylvania Flavor Beer Mat Mobile was my contribution. I used mats with local Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh flavor and sent it in a festive Black and Gold decorated envie.


Pennsylvania Flavor Beer Mat Mobile – LKR 2015

Here’s hoping that your favorite adult beverage inspires you to participate….

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!