Guess who turned 50?! First Installment

Oh, Happy Days!

For the month leading up to the Big Day, all of the incoming Birthday mail art was collected and saved. I began opening them when I needed a lift and boy, oh boy!

A BIG THANK YOU!!! to all who participated!

There were so many that I have decided to split it out into several posts, of which, this is the first installment.

Several of my Art Sisters sent lovely greetings… I was touched that Lynne even included me in the Feather Swap we held, in which I declined to participate. Isn’t it sweet?

left to right: Neha Luhar-Trice, Jill Adamy and Lynne Foerster

Local friends also sent some great wishes…

left to right: Karen Hart, Sharon Egolf and Jessica Manack

My cousin, Belinda Brown, got in on the action with this very personal collage piece. She used pics of me interspersed with all things originating the year I was born… Can you guess the common thread?

Some of the things surprised me… Did not know that my beloved Pens were 50 this year, which makes it even more awesome that they won the Stanley Cup,again! (for the 5th time, jus’ sayin’) Knew that Lite-Brite and I were the same age, but Kerplunk was a surprise.

Can you believe there’s more still on the way? I’ll have more to share tomorrow….

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!


With One Stamp! (update)

The With One Stamp swap has come to an end. Having received all of the postcards, with the exception of the one I sent to Neha Luhar-Trice, I thought you might like to take a peek at the variety of designs the group created using the simple clock face image I shared.

If you are interested in reading the original post to learn more about this swap…

In order of their arrival in my mail box…

Time to Dance by Jackie Davidson

Time to Dance by Jackie Davidson

Time to Create by Veronica Fortune

Time to Create by Veronica Fortune

Polka Time by Bairbre Aine

Polka Time by Bairbre Aine

Time for a Change by Bonnie Linhart

Time for a Change by Bonnie Linhart

From what I have been able to gather, it seems that Neha Luhar-Trice did not receive my piece and therefore has been unable to return it.

Hope you enjoyed these interpretations of the image as much as I did.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!

With One Stamp!

A while ago, I joined a great group on facebook called The Studio- a thriving artist community. The folks there are friendly, talented and well… they’re pretty much amazing.

There are swaps and add and passes (or round robins) going on all the time. Inspiration is not short on supply, I assure you.

Although I had been yearning to jump in and participate for some time, it just wasn’t working out, until the announcement for ‘With One Stamp’ popped up!

The idea was intriguing. Participants were to be put into small groups and would send out a rubber stamped image, on a self-addressed 4×6 postcard, to each of the folks in their group. The idea was that each person who received your image was to use it as a jumping off point for creating a piece of art and would mail it back to you. In the end, you would get all of the cards you mailed out, but each would be uniquely designed. Loving any opportunity at a collaboration, I was in!

There were five artists in my group. The following pics show the cards as I received them, along with the photos of my completed artwork.

The image I sent out was a roman numeral clock face, stamped off to one side of the card. These are the two completed postcards that I received back…

Looking forward to receiving the final three interpretations.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!