Monday Morning Mail Art Call: Bandung Artventure

It’s Monday morning and time for a new MMMAC! This international call originates in Indonesia. Exotic and colorful, the advertisement beckons….

Below is the English text as found on the blog:

MailArt is an international art project where you can make art from digital printing, drawings, postcards, painting, collages, caricature, photography, or anything you want and share your creative process by sending it through postal mail. Send your imagination on an adventure through a journey of a mail.

Art is a freedom of expression. Let your vision to be felt and inspire people from all over the world. Sanggar Olah Seni SOS is proudly inviting every creative soul to participate in Bandung 3rd International Mail Art Exhibition. The theme for this project is Touching cross culture understanding with Art. Can Art be the source foundation of a City development ?

Bandung Artventure

Deadline : 30 September 2016

Free technique and size.

No fees. No jury. No return.

Online Documentation
All Art work will be the collection of Bandung International MailArt Museum

Exhibitions in 2016, SOS Sanggar Olah Seni ( )

Send to :

Bandung Artventure

Kotakpos 6622

BDCO 40116a

Bandung – West Java



Does the theme speak to you? I wonder what you’ll send? For myself, I will have to think on it.

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!