In the Mail: Brazil, Portugal and… Albuquerque?

Never, did I think I’d see a pharaoh from Brazil! Alas, Patricio, The Celestial Scribe sent just that!Celestial Scribe IWith a declaration which reads, “THE PHARAOH DRIVES ME BANANAS!!!”DSC_0727Dare I hope to find banana mail inside?DSC_0728And what a find! It was a dialogue between Llama and Banana! “You drive me bananas!” “You drive me Llamas!” Banana Llama ding dong!DSC_0729Thank you, Patricio, for the highly entertaining Pharaoh, Llama, Banana mail!

From Portugal, Eduardo Cardoso sent an envelope full of goodies!DSC_0730I simply loved the image of the old horse-drawn trolley on the front of the envelope!

The back was graced with rubber stamp images.DSC_0731Check out all the goodies inside!Eduardo Cardoso XA most excellent print was contained within! Love me some gray scale! Overlapping strips give depth and interest in which I could easily become lost! DSC_0732That wasn’t all… a lovely note and a trash book also made the trip! DSC_0733Color exploded when I opened it!DSC_0734Thumbing through the trash pages, I found foreign bits that were comfortingly familiar.DSC_0735Notice that the book is openly declared to be “Authentic DKULT Trash.”DSC_0736Thank you ever so much, Eduardo, for the bountiful mail art!

This piece arrived anonymously from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I could only guess that it was the work of the Amazing David Stafford! It didn’t take long for the confirmation to redeem my suspicions.893099_10203799485730208_7104419925445962266_oThe paint chips alone wouldn’t have explained so much as they did with their color names.

The Tickled Crow will live forever in my repertoire of punny mail art!10256754_10203799481410100_5959849971979574839_oMuch and heartfelt thanks for the amusement, David!

Hope you all enjoyed sharing in the delights of my recent mail box treasures!

Happy Trash to you, until we meet again!